The Krude Experience - 2/29/16

Smaller Than You Think 

Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football.

Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns (for now)

Everyday seems to bring another news story chronicling the brief life of this man.

There's the good news stories from a few years ago when Johnny Football was a college football superstar.

Then there's the bad news stories about the law breaking trouble Johnny Manziel has been getting into since entering the public eye.

Shit happens when you're a 23 year old millionaire alcoholic with an inbred propensity for deviant behavior. And you happen to be a legendary Heisman Trophy winning college football star quarterback.

Johnny Football. Has a nice ring to it.

Johnny Hangover has a better ring to it.And more overall truth to it.

Being a successful QB in the NFL is a tough gig. Being a successful QB while playing for the Cleveland Browns is practically impossible. Manziel has found out the hard way.

Being a successful drunkard is even tougher than trying to win in Cleveland. Manziel has found out the hard way. The only winners in the drinky games are the booze makers/sellers. Or the cops who accept bribes to hush up bad behavior.

But drunken shenanigans stories created by a Football Hero sells papers or online subscriptions. The General Public has a keen thirst for such non essential print. Ask any Kardashian. Or Caitlyn.

Johnny Manziel caused the Stoops brothers at Oklahoma University to have legitimate sideline hissy fits when he led Texas A+M over OU 41-13 in the 2013 Cotton Bowl. A pure spanking of a heated rival at Jerry's Dallas Palace. Stuff of legend for sure. 

Manziel recently being accused of physically abusing his girlfriend is not the stuff of legend.
Both stories were reported equally in the mass media.

Officially,Johnny Football stands 6' tall and weighs 207 lbs,according to the NFL.

I have an acquaintance that stood less than 5 feet away from Manziel in NJ last year. Quote: "That fucker is smaller than you think".  

He is. On many different levels.

If Manziel's NFL career fizzles out due to his off field troubles,he'll always have himself to blame. And Four Loko. And Las Vegas. I'd personally like to see Manziel hook up with actress Lindsay Lohan. Their career paths and lifestyles seem awfully similar. They could be Governor and First Lady of Texas in about 10 years. And use George W's coke dealer contacts for party time. That scenario would satisfy the public's need for 'reality' TV. I think.

The world needs a Johnny Football more than its needs a Joe The Plumber. And that's coming from a Kapn Krude. Amen.

Tipping is not a city in China


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