The Krude Experience - 2/8/16

Dirty Grandpa 

I'm not really into reviewing current movies,but this picture just begs for a Krude review. Dirty Grandpa. Starring Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron.

After seeing a television ad for this movie,my curiosity got the better of me. Anything with Robert DeNiro will get my attention. But a movie trailer showing DeNiro drinking from a flask while driving in a pink convertible will make me want to fork over $18 and see it in a theater.

Most professional movie reviewers (creepy Medved types) had already deemed this crude masterpiece of a motion picture as a 'Golden Turkey of the Year' candidate.Whenever I read a bunch of bad reviews for a movie,it is something I have to see. After all,most pro critics loved Forest Gump. I paid.I saw it.I wanted a refund. So fuck pro reviewers. They are paid (greased) to push whatever the Big Studios want them to.

The plot of this movie is simple: old man's wife dies. Old man needs a lift to Florida. Old man gets square grandson to drive him- In essence,a sleazy road trip with an odd couple.

DeNiro swears,drinks heavily,masturbates openly,slips Xanax mickeys into drinks,and hits on chicks 1/3rd his age throughout the entire movie.Efron takes beastiality to new lows along with walking around in a bee shaped jock for most of the picture. Add a sex scene with DeNiro and a hot twentysomething chick,and you have a Krude double thumbs up.

Saw a few people leave the theater after about 20 minutes. Clearly,they looked uncomfortable and angry. Bullseye! Good riddance. Have fun at the next Tom Cruise piece of shit flick.

Dirty Grandpa. Not for the easily offended. Just 90 some odd minutes of pure Krudeness. It's like DeNiro read my mind. Thanks Bobby for aiming towards the gutter with this film.

At The Movies with Krude.Brought to you by Milk Duds and cheap feels.

Yours Truly


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