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A recent music download spree brings Krude to this blog. Everything from The Almighty to Zappa was pushed into my mp3 player from cyberwhoknowswhere. One particular musical download opened the Krude Kranium up for a little reminiscing session: the stellar Mother Love Bone album Apple.

Mother Love Bone. Great name for a rock band. 1990 was the year that could've been the year of Mother Love Bone. They were a band from the ever romanticized Seattle music scene of the late 1980's. Bands such as Alice In Chains,Nirvana,and Soundgarden were all part of that Grunge scene. MLB were the best of that bunch. Largely in part to having a talented frontman named Andrew Wood.

Andrew Wood was a combination of Freddie Mercury,Elton John,and Vince Neil. He had songwriting and musical talent along with a flamboyant stage presence. Add heroin addiction to that list. That is what killed Wood on March 19,1990. Just weeks before the scheduled release of MLB's debut album Apple.

Crushing loss for popular music,in my book.

Apple is an amazing album that still sounds great after over 25 years.

The other musicians in MLB,namely Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament went on to form Pearl Jam. The same Pearl Jam whose singer sings the ridiculous tune Daughter. Singer Eddie Vedder's mic privileges should've been revoked after writing and singing that dumb song. Vedder should be relegated to singing classic rock covers in dive bars and sexwaxing surfboards for tourists in So Cal for a living these days,as punishment for that song.Pearl Jam suck. Always have. I know. I saw PJ at Wetlands NYC in the summer of 1991. What a letdown... Though I regret not buying the PJ t-shirt they had for sale that night (in the hippie VW van inside of Wetlands) It had NBA star Mookie Blaylock on it - the original name for PJ. That shirt fetches nice coin on Ebay these days.

Here's a quick story about the summer of 1990 and hanging out on Sunday nights at the Limelight NYC:

Krude standing by an upstairs bar at Limelight,drinking a Rolling Rock beer. Donnie Vie and Chip Z'Nuff from the band Enuff Z'Nuff ( of Fly High Michelle and New Thing fame at the time) walk up to the bar and order drinks. I toast my beer to them. They say hi and life goes on.

Then on a television that was above the bar,footage of the late Andrew Wood comes on the tv. Donnie Vie looks up at the screen,then leans over to Chip and says "Isn't that the guy who died of heroin?". Chip nods yes. Vie's face from that point turned sad and fearful at the same time. I've never forgotten that look on his face. What I didn't know then was that Vie himself was an heroin addict at that time. Luckily,Vie is still alive today. But the Limelight has become a shopping mall. Life goes on.

Back to Apple.... After downloading it from Amazon,I listened to it nonstop for a few days. The songs I remembered from the early 90's sounded even better in the present day. Thank you Andy,Stone,Jeff,Bruce,and Greg. You five caught lightning in a bottle with Apple. And the world is a better place cuz of it.

Can I get a Hallelujah, people?



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