The Krude Experience - 3/7/16

Hands Out Heads Down 

Hands out and heads down used to be defined as getting a blowjob while standing up. Not anymore.
There's a new Mecca to pray to,almost every waking second.

There's a new God to worship.And this God doesn't play favorites. Or promise sex with a bunch of tight virgins upon death.

This God is the ultimate distraction. Vulnerable is what you will become shortly after exposure to this deity.

Like the finest evangelists,this God will charge you for the privilege of worship. A monthly bill,that may or may not involve bloodletting,will be paid by you.

You are already so spiritually intoxicated from repeated exposure to this God that you don't even know it. This 'high' is getting you by. And you like it. A lot.

This face is the mark of pure,twisted evil. A zombie master with carny skillz to die for. He green lighted your new found spirituality.With pleasure.Chinese serfs make it a reality. FOR YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT.For a bowl of rice a day (approx)...

See any resemblance? Hahahahaha

Joke is on you. Not me. My God is in liquid form. And costs $2.49/375 ml bottle.That's around 12 fucking ounces of pure American made fortified fortitude. I repeat: AMERICAN MADE. Drink up!

My head(s) always stays up. And proud.



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