The Krude Experience - 4/11/16

Pain Killer
Chronic pain. Not just defined as watching GOP debates over the last few months. I'm talking about waking up everyday knowing some kind of fire will be torturing part or parts of your body all dayand night. I know this horrible feeling very well. The fact this blog is being written when it is,is due to the fact I can't sleep due to chronic pain. With 2 parts of my spine in crying mode all of the time,getting sound sleep is very precious to me. And it's getting that sleep that seems ever elusive. 

To say I "self medicate" is the ultimate understatement. 
I have been prescribed every kind of chemical anti inflammatory,pain killer,muscle relaxer,and steroid known to humanity.And through much trial and error, genuinely hate all chemical drug bullshit. But with the cards that were dealt to me in relation to my chronic condition,pain killers are the only real 'drug' that I consider taking.That,and alcohol. Lots of alcohol. 
Alcohol helps me more than any quack ass doctor prescription ever will. 2 shots of no less than 80 proof hooch at bedtime gets my bodyto finally shut down. Having a bunch of booze in me makes me forget how bad something hurts. 
Friends of mine have offered their advice about the virtues of marijuana intake for pain relief. It is something I have considered,but a number of legit factors come into play- 1. I do not smoke.Never have,never will. 2. I live in NJ. The medicinal marijuana laws here are a joke. Thus any form of marijuana intake (brownie,gummy bear etc..) is risky. If pot laws change for the better on a national level,I'll be first in line to try it. Just don't want the hassle that comes with medicinal marijuana while living in New Jersey (police state). 
I hate griping about the aches and pains of my everyday life. What I really want to accomplish with this blog is an awareness to the destructive dangers of chemical pain treatments. I'm not saying alcoholism is any better than opiate addiction. But from personal experience,I've come to the conclusion that constant chemical intake is the most common problem facing the majority of people today. And it's so easy to get hooked for life on prescription chemical nonsense. I rid my system of 95% of all prescribed pills over a 6 month weening back in 2013. I lost 25 lbs (from lack of steroids). I went on a natural supplement kick. I feel as good as I can,naturally. And last I checked,bourbon is made naturally. And in Kentucky. And I like it. 
Thank you BlackBerry Q20.All of the Krude Experience blogs are written on a BlackBerry Classic. I'm downloading The Almighty Soul Destruction album while on Word writing this blog at 2am. Had this album years ago. Divorce and change of time zone address made me lose this gem of hard rock cd. Now it's re released and sounding like lifeblood at this time. Thank you Ricky Warwick. 

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