The Krude Experience - 4/25/16

Jurassic Cashgrab 

Guns N' Roses is touring this summer with 3 out of 5 original members.

Black Sabbath is on a 'farewell' tour with 3 out of 4 original members.

Journey tours every summer using a lead singer that sounds like Steve Perry.

Foreigner tours at times with NO original members.

Ratt is on the road these days with only the original drummer in the band.

And so on. And so on. And so on.

We are in the Jurassic age for rock touring.Dinosaur acts playing entire classic albums start to finish to lure in longtime fans.VIP packages that include expensive meet and greets.And usually a corporate sponsor plastering their logo all around the venue.Ticket prices are through the roof.No end in sight to it.It's real and it's sad.

As long as the concert ticket buying public continues to support aging rockers,these concerts will be bought by greedy promoters.

I can't see myself spending upwards of $100 for half ass versions of formerly great bands. But the real question is: Why do these bands charge so much for their concert tickets?


Imagine you are Tony Iommi,guitarist for Black Sabbath.And Sharon Osbourne called you up and told you that she could get $200k a show for you,provided you tour with Ozzy Osbourne and play only classic Sabbath. Do you take the coin? Damn straight you do. But it's the fans who end up paying those stiff performance fees.

Black Sabbath 2016 tour score card:

Average tickets sold per show 13,000 approx
Average ticket price $150
Tshirt $50
Program $20
Parking $25

That's around $250 just to have an average time at a Sabbath show. Throw in a Meet and Greet package,and your price jumps to $999 plus the concert ticket. Yes,that's correct. To meet Ozzy for 5 minutes will cost you a grand. And then $150 to see 3/4 of the original band. Sounds like fun to me. Not.

This kind of cashgrab is the norm now, not the exception.

Can't say it's only the old bands charging this kind of dough. Some of the LipSynching crowd of artists are ripping off their fans the same:

Nicky Minaj
Britney Spears
Justin Beiber

For their performance fees,you get to witness prerecorded vocals and/or AutoTune affected vocals.In addition to the high ticket and Tshirt prices. Sounds like fun to me. Not.

Now let's praise the bands that aren't ripping off their fans.

The Cult are tour now. They have always been Billy Duffy and Ian Astbury,plus a few sidemen they hire for tours. This will be a great rock show to see. In my neck of the woods,tickets for The Cult cost less than $50. That's for a band that's been around for more than 30 years.

Behemoth is touring now as well. They are a death metal with theatrical tendencies. I saw them last year and they blew me away. Tickets less than $40 for their NYC gig.

I've been going to concerts since 1983. Movie tickets back then cost $5. Now movie tickets are around $15. Concert tickets back then cost around $14. Now a concert ticket averages around $100. That's a way bigger jump in price for concerts than movies.

That's bullshit.

Do not support (buy anything) from a band that deliberately wants to rip you off.

Rock N' Roll shouldn't be reserved for the rich and greedy.

Fuck Live Nation and Clear Channel.

And Itunes.

Keep it Greasy


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