The Krude Experience - 4/4/16


Just a few months removed from the death of Ian Fraser Kilmister aka Lemmy from Motorhead ,and Krude wants to spin a few yarns about the Rock n' Roll legend. If you consider yourself a rock fan,take notice. Lemmy was the real deal. I took a Nickelback fan to see Motorhead and she loved it. For the right reasons: Motorhead Rocks!

I couldn't bring myself to listen to Motorhead directly following Lemmy's death in December 2015. Whereas Motorhead's album sales probably doubled or tripled at that time.That's usually the case after an artist dies- a spike in album sales. I just wasn't in the mood to hear the music from a band that ceased to exist upon Lemmy's death.

But here it is in April 2016,and Motorhead is back in my mp3 player rotation full force. Then I started to reminisce about some fun stories in relation to Lemmy and Motorhead that I experienced in the past.

Here goes:

A friend of mine made a bet on a football game back in our college days. He is a fan of the NY Giants and this was back in the Bill Parcells's era of Giants football. The bet was with one of his dorm buddies and was made just before Winter break from school.It was for the Giants to win the NFC in 1989. And what was at stake with this wager? Loser was to grow a Lemmy style moustache and keep it through the entire 2nd semester. Well,my friend lost the bet (thanks to Flipper Anderson) and grew the Lemmy 'stache and fulfilled the bet. He even came home from college for summer with it. He claimed the look totally got him laid on numerous occasions. I'm sure Lemmy would be proud to hear that.

Fast forward to 2009. Krude and then gf have booked Labor Day weekend in Atlantic City,NJ. Motörhead was booked to play the House Of Blues at the Showboat Casino. Opening for Motorhead was Reverend Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy. No way I was missing this perfect rock bill. Almost did,but that's another story. The gig was awesome. I had first row in the balcony and fistfuls of Jack on the rocks the whole night (and Vicodin). Yet,it was 4 hours after the show ended and me and gf were going back to our room at the Showboat. We're talking around 4:30am. While walking through the heart of the casino,i spot a familiar sight walking towards us: Lemmy. He was dressed to the nines and all alone. I nearly crapped myself. As he got closer,i gave him the devil horns salute.He reciprocated. Then proceeded to go directly to a slot machine,sit down,motion towards a waitress,and started playing. I stood there for a few seconds taking all of this in.Then decided not to bother him for a pic and went towards our room. Damn. That was cool.

Rock N' Roll is all about attitude and beats per minute. Motörhead always had those two attributes in spades (no pun intended). In this musical age of AutoTune and lipsyncing,guys like Lemmy are pure and inspirational. He was a great lyricist and an even better bassist. I hope Lemmy is jamming with the likes of Jimi and Bonham in heaven right now. Yes Lemmy,you are in their league of musicianship. I will listen to your music (and theirs) until the day I die. Truth.

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