Beer & Forty Of The Week - Miller High Life

The glass is back! After making the switch from glass to plastic bottles back in 2014, MillerCoors announced the return to glass 40 ounce bottles in February 2016. While it took a few months, some of the glass 40 ounce bottles are back on the shelves and ready to be enjoyed once again! We have talked many times on this site and on the podcast about the pros and cons of the switch from glass to plastic since there are many 40 ounce enthusiasts that hated the switch. Luckily you guys can now breathe easy and enjoy a glass bottle once again if it's a MillerCoors produced 40 that you like to enjoy!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have our first ever Forty/Beer of the week hybrid on tap today. I have been doing my usual searching over the last few months waiting to see the glass 40's back on the shelves, and each time I would go home disappointed. It wasn't until a few days ago when I walked into one of my local liquor stores that I would be pleasantly surprised. Miller High Life was back in the glass 40 ounce bottle! Hallelujah!

Miller High Life comes in at 4.6% ABV. and is "The Champagne of Beers". The high life has been Miller Brewing Company's oldest brand since 1903 and is a classic. While it is cheap in price, it's not cheap in taste. You can usually pick up a 12 pack for under $10 and a 30 pack for under $20! With prices like that it will always a winner in my book.

The high life comes in a variety of different packages for you to enjoy, so you can take your pick: 7oz pony bottles, 12oz cans and bottles, 24oz cans, 32oz bottles, and 40 ounce bottles. No matter what you choose on any given day you cant go wrong! It's with great pleasure that I am happy to induct Miller High Life as the first ever BWB Beer & Forty Of The Week!

Who doesn't want to live the high life? This week I am happy to welcome @TippingOneBack to Bumming with Bobcat to discuss the world of Tiki drinks, cheap booze, and bum wine! What tiki concoctions should you be drinking as we get closer to the summer months? What bum wine will mix well with your summer drinks? Grab a drink and tune in LIVE this Sunday at 11pm ET to join the party! Cheers!

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  1. I've been drinking 2 or 4 a day this past week. They're easy to drink, and the flavor is rewarding. Highest quality 8ball in the stores around me.


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