The Krude Experience - 5/23/16


I know what you are thinking. A Krude written blog titled 'MD'. It must be yet another case study of Mogen David's most wicked elixir MD 2020. Or it could be a quick blog about a doctor visit (I don't have the clap). Or it could be a belated celebration in relation to Mother's Day.


Memorial Day is the Krude Experience exploration this week.

What got me to write about Memorial Day was that I have a great carpenter who installs interior renovations for me in NYC. He had to take a month off to serve in the Army Reserve. I had no problem letting him do his thing for 5 weeks. It's just a crushing blow to my install team (I design and manage construction projects). He is missed. Not just for his carpentry skills,but for being a cool guy with a lot of heart. And for his love for rum and pussy.

Memorial Day celebrates and remembers all of the true American Patriots who have given their time,energy,and usually their lives for the common cause of case you may have forgotten. This is a street wine kind of website. Being blind drunk and forgetful is the norm here,not the exception.


That's the word I'm looking for. In this year of a Presidential election here in the USA, finding a true American Patriot is becoming a tougher and tougher task. Americans have a proven track record of electing chicken hawks as president over the course of recent time. I cannot remember a president in my lifetime that I would feel comfortable with leading any charge in a difficult situation.

Sad fact: Hillary Clinton is getting more pussy than me (and probably you). Truth. I have my sources. Still not worthy of being a world leader. And the Clinton's bought German made kitchen cabinetry for their Chappaqua NY house. Truth. I have my sources. Next NASA trip to Mars (one way) should include the Clinton family on that ride.

Bernie Sanders is a brainy,nerdy,milquetoast who probably couldn't even successfully manage a Pop Warner football team. It's easy to march alongside a great leader (like MLK). Though that doesn't make you qualified for World Leader status.  

Donald Trump is the ultimate carny barker with a creepy orange hue to his skin (Vince McMahon influence anybody?). His business failures far outweigh his successes. I'm starting to see Trump For President signs in front of people's houses around my neighborhood. I guess i'll try to sell my beat up Corolla to one of those Trump supporters. They're an easy sell.

Fuck all this national level political shit. This country begins and ends with the 99% busting their collective asses to make this country great. Politics also starts at the local levels. If your town sucks,don't vote for the same clowns to run it. Try to vote for real Patriots. Those are the people who care more for our local and national well being than they do for the almighty dollar.  

Memorial Day

More than just the beginning of summer.

My drinks are eternally toasted to all those who have given their all for our freedoms.

Thank You


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