The Krude Experience - 5/9/16

Hip Flask 

To Krude,a hip flask is an essential accessory to his everyday being. That is,a hip flask filled to the brim with scotch or whiskey. It's not meant to be cool or elitist.Just meant to fix a jones. Or be the drink 'mixer' that you need in a pinch (when the liquor stores are closed). It pays to be prepared. Especially when it comes to booze.

A normal size hip flask will hold around 6oz of your favorite hooch. It is easily concealed in almost every normal size pocket on your pants of jacket. For the true flask veterans: a flask tucked into a tube sock on your leg. Wearing cargo pants (or chinos) is highly recommended when putting a flask inside your sock. Hopefully,some $10/hr rent a goon at your local sports stadium won't check your lower extremities with the usual Patriot Act inspired frisking.

I started a little collection of flasks. Each will serve it's true purpose,and display a statement branding: Slayer,Motorhead,and my beloved Raiders. Amen.

A flask that can beat a metal detector is better than a chick who brings the condoms. That will be written on Krude's tombstone.

Chicks and flasks. That's hot. Any woman who carries a flask in her purse is tops with me. Not sure of the social stigma associated with a flask drinking chick. But with the crowd who reads this blog on this website,I doubt there is any negative stigma at all.

Try to drink all the booze you pour into the flask quickly. It doesn't stay for long inside that cheap metal container. IT WILL LEAK after a few days. Another flask tip is to buy small funnels at a dollar store to pour the liquor into the tiny flask opening. I've wasted more precious liquor by spilling it on a countertop by mistake when loading my flasks. I've lived. And I've learned.

Hip flasks are often found at those shopping mall kiosks that sell dumb keychains and photo frames. Have one engraved for the love of your life. Krude thinks it makes the perfect gift (when a real perfect gift is too expensive or is out of stock).

Random Krude observation: I saw former MTV VJ Jesse Camp at a Faster Pussycat gig in NJ a few weeks ago. He was with a sweet assed Spanish looking chick. His chick was nagging him the whole time he was there. He looked miserable. But I bet he tagged that bitch in the brown eye as soon as they got home or wherever. And I bet it was worth the constant nagging at a fun Faster Pussycat show. Amen.

Where There's a Whip....

There's a Way



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