The Krude Experience - 6/13/16


Most people know the difference between right and wrong. I think.

And knowing right from wrong is something I made sure my son knew early on in his life.  

I am going to describe an actual event in my life that could cause some minor debate amongst the readers of this blog.

My 10 year old bedroom air conditioner (window mount) took a shit on me and decided to malfunction the weekend of Memorial Day. The weather in New Jersey was in the low 90's for the most part. I live in a 2nd floor apartment that isn't insulated very well. My apartment gets VERY hot during the warm weather months.

When I began to remove the broken ac out of the window,I heard the sounds of slight bird chirping. Underneath the ac was a small bird nest with 3 one week old birds looking up at me while chirping. They were featherless and were in need of their mom for a feeding.

Holy shit. I didn't even know there was a nest under that ac unit. All I knew was that my bedroom was sizzling hot and I needed to buy a new ac. But the thought of moving the nest or killing the young chicks never occurred to me. All I wanted to do was make sure that I didn't harm the birds upon closing my window screen and window.

Decision made:
No new ac unit in my bedroom until the chicks fly away.

It's been a few weeks now. The weather in NJ has been cooler than normal. I had to sleep in my living room (with wall mount ac) during those first few days of being a legal guardian to a few birds. I had to seal off the partially open window with grocery bags,so that the birds don't come into the house. Now,I sleep in my bedroom and the youngin's wake me up everyday at 5:30 (half hour earlier than my usual wake up call of 6am) with their hunger chirping. I don't mind.

I lost my 14 year old cat to cancer last December. He was the constant in my life during that span. I miss him muchly. I think of him when I hear those little birds cry for food. He would've sat by that window for hours,transfixed on the chicks' noisy exuberance. RIP Konny cat. You were my hero.

I took a pic today outside my window from my driveway.I saw that the chicks are starting to fly. If they all leave the nest soon,i will clean out that area and put a new ac in that window. I'm just glad they all survived (even after a nasty storm last week). I may be Krude. I may be sleazy. But I would never knowingly harm an animal. I have a heart. :)



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