The Krude Experience - 6/6/16


So the townspeople of Foxborough,MassOfTwoShits (MA) want the legendary,yet incomplete rock band Guns N' Roses to be off stage at their upcoming Gillette Stadium gigs by 11pm. This is because the shows occur on a Tuesday and Wednesday night and the locals need their quiet time before the dreaded morning work commute. 11pm curfew and GNR just doesn't mix. GNR is considered 'classic' rock by this stage of their career. Is this kind of rock music still too raucous for this Northeast USA town? Does U2 get the same treatment when they bring their brand of rock lameness to Foxboro Stadium? I doubt it.

If it's too loud, you're too old.

I like volume.Not from overhead jet engines or the neighbors' weed whacker. I like my music played at an extreme volume. Treble and bass to the max. Midrange at 2 on the dial. Volume to 11 (thanks Nigel). That's my musical sweet spot.

It's been a while since I heard somebody cranking some metal music in their car with the windows wide open. It's been my theory for many years that if a rock album doesn't sound good on a car stereo system at top volume,then it won't sound good on any system. I hear tons of hip hop and meringue music blaring from cars around here. But never any cool rock. Except from my cheap ass car stereo system. I must be the only person in this area (or the world) to blast the Moistboyz on a Sunday morning while driving to a bagel shop.

I believe too many people these days rely on using ear buds or huge Beats headphones to get their musical fix. When it came time to buy some Xmas gifts for my son last year, I made sure to include a powerful shelf stereo system with cd player and Bluetooth capability. He also hooked up his XBox to it as well. What ever happened to pissing off the neighbors with the 'Devil's Music' on a regular basis?

It killed me to have to sell my 100W Hughes And Kettner combo amp to pay off a debt a few years ago. I once set up that amp at the front of my house and sent a friend of mine about 3/4 mile away to check the power of this amp. I put the master volume on 5 and ripped into Supernaut by Black Sabbath. My friend heard the riff loud and clear from that distance. I remember the front windows on the house were vibrating. That was cool.

If you are wondering... The loudest rock show I remember being at was Iron Maiden in 1985 at Radio City Music Hall. Maiden piled an arena's worth of PA into a 5000 seat theater. Opening band Queensryche's singer Geoff Tate sounded otherworldly at that volume. Maiden was Maiden: The greatest metal band of all time.

I've paid the volume price with some hearing loss and tinnitus. I wear earplugs on occasion when i'm at a gig. And if I can hear Guns N' Roses from my house when they play in NJ in a month or so,I won't rat them out to the authorities. I'll enjoy it.

Loud and Proud


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