The Krude Experience - 7/11/16

Feel Good 

A 3 day weekend (holiday induced) is always welcome in my Krude world. Three days off from work usually means for me:

1. Physical rest
2. Mental belligerence
3. Numb myself to get dumb(er)

I'm currently under a doctor's care (powerful rx's) for an ongoing condition. The getting numb part is the best part of any weekend. Not that I don't get a little sauced during the week. I do. But not having to be on a commuter bus or subway train the next morning usually determines my soberness for the forthcoming days.Being buzzed and pukey and in motion is not a good mix.

I've been seeing a lot of good deals on airplane (shot size) booze bottles at my usual liquor stores lately. $1 for a Captain Morgan or Bacardi rum sampler is a sweet deal.

Four Loko cans are the New Generation's bum wine. 4L is not a wine,nor is it a liquor. It's just hooched up Sprite from Hell,for the most part. And it only comes in a can. If 4L came in a glass bottle,I would warm up to it more. I tried the original 4L (caffeinated) a few years back. I wasn't impressed at all. Too low an APV for my Krude tastes.And the slight tremor I got from the caffeine wasn't cool. I do like it's name and the spirit in which it was created. Carry on men and women of the Four Loko universe. The world needs you. Krude respects you.

My son graduated from high school recently. I am so proud of him. Through all the bullshit his mother (my ex) put him through,he has held his chin up and kicked ass. We are going to some choice metal gigs this summer. I want to share our first beer together at the upcoming Cannibal Corpse/Nile show at Webster Hall in NYC. The actual (sad) father/son tally: 18 years. 5 US states. 22 different addresses.4 major surgeries.Whew. It's been a rough,weird ride to get to these upcoming beers. It will be well worth it. Even if my doctors tell me not to drink beer.

Here is a tune from The Detroit Cobras. It gave me the title of this blog. Rock on Rachel and Mary. Nobody does covers with more conviction than your band.

Currently drinking Bushmills Irish whiskey. Bushmills shots go down real smooth. No need for rocks,water or chasers. Easy to find rotgut too. On sale even better. Krude approved.

I'm a hedonist. That's no surprise to regular Krude Experience readers. When I watch Two and a Half Men tv reruns, I see a lot of myself in the Charlie Sheen character. I like a Good Time. Like Charlie Harper does. I just don't like that characters clothing choices. A rock Tshirt and jeans is my usual look. Booze and broads never gets old.

I have a major crush on Giada from the Food Network. She's a Sex Pot foodie. Too bad that lamo John Mayer had to tag her. Tits and cooking skillz is hott. John Mayer has guitar chops. But continues to write limp wristed,wuss musical drivel. He sucks. Giada rules my world.

Keep it real
Never squeeze the zit on yer ass while wearing white undies


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