The Krude Experience - 7/18/16


Welcome to the Krude Experience,coming to you from scenic,semi-legendary Asbury Park,New Jersey.Your host,yours truly,Kapn Krude is in AssBury Park(ing) Ticket to catch an awesome rock show starring the truly legendary NJ natives Dramarama and the soon to be legendary NJ natives The Battery Electric. So let the booze flow free and let Krude guide you towards some real rock vibes,in the heart of Dirty Jersey: Asbury Park.

A kinda new pre-show ritual for Krude has been involving doing a few cheap shots of Fireball whiskey. I bought these little bottles on the corner of 1st Ave and 54th st in Manhattan. Me and my good buddy (and project manager for my home reno jobs) often grab a few of these and drink them during lunch break in a nearby park,overlooking the East River.Drinking on the job never gets old. Fireball is good shit. But just average rotgut. I need something stronger during the show. As always.

Just my luck. A cute chick approaches me at the Wonder Bar bar and inquires about the Quireboys t shirt I'm wearing. She's a fan of Spike n' the boys. Hell yeah! She is here with a few cute friends as well. Good to have a female drinking bud at a rock gig. Better to have 3. Hahahahaha. Krude being Krude.

I spot Brent,guitarist for The Battery Electric,drinking at the outdoor bar before their set. Hell Yeah!
The Battery Electric are Krude's favorite band at the moment. Their performance tonight was nothing short of solid,spectacular rock. If they come to your town,GO! If you feel like spending $10 on a mp3 download,get any one of the Battery Electric albums. They are AWESOME. BELIEVE IT. Krude approved. Shit. I love Rock n Roll. And Jack on the rocks. Believe it. Yeah! 

If you don't know who Dramarama is,don't feel bad. You do now,thanks to Krude. Dramarama has been making rock music for over 30 years. I've been listening to them for about 27 years. To see most of the original band play their balls off in a smallish bar was awe inspiring. All they had to do to make my night complete was play Last Cigarette,Prayer,and Haven't Got A Clue. Check. Check. And check. Damn. They did. Holy shit. What a great rock band. And a new album coming out soon. They never disappoint with their music. Thank you John Easdale and friends. Keep the Rock coming.

Asbury Park is still a bizarre place to go when traveling down the Garden State Parkway. When you begin to approach Asbury by car,you will see a very busy liquor store (see Krude Experience blog from August 2015 for more detail on that liquor store). The ride towards the beach is sketchy,to say the least.The boardwalk area is almost ok these days. But the real lure of this town is the Stone Pony and the Wonder Bar. Some of the greatest shows you will ever see will be performed at one of these clubs. Word.

Bagged ice is the only reason to step foot in an 7-11 in NJ (no booze sales at NJ convenience stores). Stay chill....




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