The Krude Experience - 7/4/16

Wrestling Memories 

Greetings. I'm once again going to take all the Krude Experience readers on a trip back in time,this time to Madison Square Garden for a World Wrestling Federation house show card from 2001.

This particular wrestling show was indeed a special event. Just 5 weeks prior to this event,the horror of 9/11 took place about a mile from MSG. This was WWF's first show back at the Garden since that day. I managed to score some ringside seats and was looking forward to seeing The Rock versus Stone Cold Steve Austin up close. So I brought my camera and took a bunch of photos. These photos also somehow survived a hurricane during 2012 and the flooding in my basement. Enjoy :)

Here is the box score:

WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - October 14, 2001 (matinee) (11,098)

Included an opening in-ring promo by Jim Ross, addressing the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 and noting that members of the New York City police, fire, and emergency services were in attendance.

Billy Gunn pinned Justin Credible with the Fameasser

Perry Saturn pinned Tommy Dreamer with a catapult into the turnbuckle and the swinging fisherman's suplex

WCW Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy & Lita defeated WWF European Champion Hurricane Helms & Molly Holly when Matt pinned Helms with the Twist of Fate

Test pinned Kane with the boot to the face after Booker T came ringside; after the match, the Undertaker made the save

The Undertaker pinned Booker T with the powerbomb in under 10 minutes

Kurt Angle pinned William Regal via submission with the ankle lock in a No DQ match after Mick Foley countered the outside interference of Tazz and put Tazz in the Mr. Socko Mandible Claw

WCW Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy pinned Kanyon with the Swanton after reversing a top rope Samoan Drop into a powerbomb

WWF Light Heavyweight Champion X-Pac pinned Tajiri with a low blow and the X-Factor

WWF Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz defeated the Acolytes when D-Von pinned Farooq after hitting him with one of the title belts, as Stacy Keibler distracted referee Nick Patrick

WCW World Champion the Rock defeated WWF World Champion Steve Austin via disqualification when WWF Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz interfered as Austin was trapped in the Sharpshooter; after the match, Rock cleared the Dudleyz from ringside and hit the People's Elbow on Austin

As always,a fun wrestling show. I only brought one roll of film (400 speed) with me that day. I tried to buy a roll from the WWF photogs who were standing around the ring. No luck. Oh well. Next show I saw at MSG was the infamous return of Triple H on 1/7/02. Lost those pics though. Oh well.  

This was also around the tail end of the Attitude Era of WWF wrestling. Vince McMahon had just bought out WCW. Monday nights have never been the same since. I miss those days.

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