The Krude Experience - 8/1/16

More Random Krudeness 

Walking the earth wearing my hair a bit longer,while maintaining the same overall MO has reflected 'more than usual' social ambiguity back into my face. Call it strangeness. Or call it being overtly perceptive.But this is my life and I'm sticking with it.

More Random Krudeness......

A local deli gave me a couple of weird,quarter looking coins as change recently.They were Columbian Peso coins that ain't worth squat. So now I use a Columbian 200 peso coin to scratch my lottery tickets. I'm still worth squat,so maybe I'll switch to a Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) guitar pick I caught at one of their shows to scratch my tickets.Shit. I left that pick in the gig bag I gave to my son. And he hates 'old guy' music. So that pick means squat to him.  

I got weird looks from the cashier chick (nice tits)  at the local vegetable farm when I bought 3 bags of celery,1 gallon of Cream O Land milk,and 2 bags of ginger rock candy.Maybe it's the Oakland Raiders sunglasses I was wearing while buying the above mentioned goods.

I bought 2 NFL 2016 preview magazines (Athlon and Pro Football Weekly) at $7.99 each. Can't seem to find anybody who sells The Gold Sheet around my digs.And screw all that online gambling tip access bullshit. I need dirt sheets in my hands,not my hard drive.Can never have enough player/team knowledge come NFL betting time. Even though the 'big picture' fix is in, in Roger Goodell-ville. Fuck him.

I always play the intro solo to Oasis' tune Don't Go Away on guitar when i'm in a pissy mood. Not sure why. Maybe cuz I can play the entire Oasis back catalog on guitar with ease. Good,simple songs with great vocals. Liam Gallagher is one of the last great Rock Stars left on Earth. Hope he stays alive as long as I do.


Gratuitous chick pic:Lindsay Lohan. Firecrotch and all. Cheers to the dude who gets to blow the blow up her ass.

My pharmacy called yesterday to ask when I plan on re filling my rx for Tramadol. It's been a month and it's due,they say. I tell them i'll refill when I feel like it. Fucked up conversation. This world is getting more depraved each passing Trump infused day.

I bought a Marshall mp3 dock system for my bedroom.Perfect for a low volume stereo unit.It goes nicely with my Marshall portable practice amp and Babe Ruth McFarland toy as Krude bedroom frou frou.  

I'm currently single and without a girlfriend. Strange to be without somebody to annoy on daily basis. These blogs are a once a week thing. So consider yourselves lucky.

Deep fried calzone. Pizza Town USA style. Another fine NJ road food stop on route 46 west,near Elmwood Park. The pizza is awesome as well. Tricky to pull into this place. Make sure you have collision coverage on your auto insurance policy,before going to Pizza Town USA. (Google Earth the entrance there).Trust me. Did I mention the calzone is deep fried?

Today is my birthday. It is 8:30am while I write this. My son is here and is still sleeping. I celebrated last night with a Fudgy the Whale ice cream cake from Carvel. Ate a ribeye steak for dinner last night. First time in 7 years that I had a full steak as a meal. Not my choice,but dr's orders. Screw what the dr's say-I'm having a steak. No booze last night. Just a sugary,purine rich feast with the people I call family. My early birthday gift to myself was a bottle of Bookers Bourbon. 127 proof. I'll need all the APV % points I can get with this bourbon. Drinking some later tonight. Shots. Hope I make it to work tomorrow. Not really.



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