The Krude Experience - 8/22/16


Guilty as charged. My hair is a personal obsession. Always has been. Since my bowl headed days of youth to my current state of Wildman from Borneo lid. I'm still searching for the fountain of good hair days. Like a futile search for Atlantis or Ripple,I doubt I'll ever find this elusive elixir.

The hair on Donald Trump's head garners so much deserved attention these days.Back in my college days,Ronald Reagan and George Bush were the POTUS during that time. I had to write a term paper about the 1988 Presidential Election for my political science class during my first year of college. Since the whole class was probably going write the same old evening news worthy bullshit about Dukakis,Bush,Reagan,Quayle etc.. I decided to write about their hair styles instead. Reagan's greasy pompadour and obvious hair dye. Bush and Quayle's hair parting to the Right. Dukakis' JFK-esque hair helmet. So a day or two after my paper was turned in,the professor chose to read my hairy paper aloud to the class of about 100 students. Of course,I wasn't there that day to witness this. A couple of girls cornered me a few days later to ask if I had written the 'hair' paper. It was a hit with the class.Guilty as charged.They both sat next to me the whole semester after that. The power of the pen. Chicks dig it.1988-the true origins of the Krude Experience. Yes!

I once took a $300 offer from my father to cut my very long hair in 1991. Plus the cost ($15) of the haircut. I spent the Benjis on Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets and a broad (Lita Ford lookalike) I took to the show (got laid). Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins opened for RHCP that night. Looking back,I should've scored anal sex as well as the straight lay off of that chick for the quality of that rock bill. 

The last time my hair was really long was in 2006. When I took my first desk job ever (due to job related physical injuries),I decided to cut my hair short. I went to a salon in NYC called Mudhoney for the cut. The stylist,aptly named Corvette,cut of my entire ponytail with one snip. He promptly put the hair into a bag and sealed it. I asked why he was doing that. "For Locks of Love",he said. Locks of Love is a charity designed to give cancer patients hair for wigs (that they couldn't afford otherwise). Cool with me. I walked out of Mudhoney with the best haircut I ever had. Thanks Corvette. Corvette now owns a salon called Graceland in Brooklyn. Tattoo parlor as well. Check it out sometime.

I feel very lucky to have as much hair as I do at my age (40's). Most of my friends weren't so lucky. I do dye my hair once a month.*quick note- sitting at a salon for an hour while my hair is being painted ain't Krude,just lame*  If I didn't dye it,then Phil Donahue white would be my look.I can also be spotted at the local Harmon's discount shop once a week buying hair gel,shampoo,combs,razors etc... Like I said before,my hair is an obsession. And I'm not gay. Not even bi. Weird,yes. You already know that.

Hair isn't life. Just a distraction. Best to rock a lid worthy of mention. Mahalo.

Washed and blown



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