The Krude Experience - 8/29/16

Krude Product Review  volume 1

It's not often that your handsome blogist would feel compelled enough to commit an entire Krude Experience blog to a barely known topical hygiene product. Unless that product has had a profound effect on said blogist. Well,I'm spending the next few paragraphs extolling the virtues of FRESH BALLS. So you dare to ask what FRESH BALLS is exactly? I don't blame you. But if Kapn Krude is going spin a yarn about it,you know it must meet Krude (low rent,high return) standards. Here goes...

Fresh Balls is a lotion formulated to be applied to a man's junk region. The lotion soon sets to a light powder. The purpose of this product is to keep a man's 'balls'  area 'fresh' and dry and more comfy during the sweatiest of days. Fresh Balls is made by a company that calls itself Fresh Body. They also make a swell foot lotion: FRESH FEET. Dry nuts and toes. Godspeed.

I learned of this product after watching the Morgan Spurlock film Mansome. So I went to and scored a tube of Fresh Balls. Glad I did.

Fresh Balls has been put to the Krude test during the entire summer of 2016 so far. It's been an extra hot summer in NJ as well. I don't like using talc or Gold Bond powder on any part of my body. Too messy and clumps with sweat. And deodorant body sprays don't control moisture. That where Fresh Balls scores with me. It goes on as a clean lotion,then settles into a fine powder. With a neutral masculine scent. No chalky mess or Axe'y scent. Just a great product doing its job. As advertised.

FRESH BALLS. What a brilliant product. No more worries about swampy sack. Now a spontaneous blow job from your chick after a day of hiking in the heat can be a joy for her as well.

Dry and mighty



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