The Krude Experience - 8/8/16

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As I watched The Big Lebowski on dvd recently,I wondered why it had taken on such a cult following over the years. Granted,it's a fun,above average movie. But not really worthy of having a true cult status. To me,at least. I'm sure most Lebowski fans would disagree with me. And that's fine. But I'm sure those people have never seen the movies Deadly Weapons or The Alley Tramp. Those are true cult classics.

I have quite an extensive collection of dvd's stashed away in the Krude Krib. Also a few digital downloads (mostly porn). I'm not much for collecting movies that can be easily seen on cable TV or ppv. I tend to hunt down vintage titles with little or no major stars contained in them. Movie directors are the key to my dvd choices. Doris Wishman,Russ Meyer,Roger Corman, and John Waters are few great directors with a flair for making movies that reflect their passions.

Speaking of Roger Corman,he will release Death Race 2050 in the near future. For those familiar with the recent Death Race movies,Corman made the original Death Race 2000 in the mid 70's. I remember seeing it as a kid and loving it then. When the remakes came out,I was more than disapointed at the results. Corman's next Death Race should be another classic. Even if it goes straight to video.

Director Herschell Gordon Lewis is in a movie class all by himself. Some call his pictures 'B movies' or 'Z movies'. I call them 'highly entertaining'. I recall showing his cousins fucking classic from 1968,The Alley Tramp to an ex girlfriend a few years ago. She couldn't help but be thoroughly 
appalled and entertained at the same time. If there was ever a movie to play a drinking game to,this is it. See granny panties-take a drink. When cousins have sex-take a drink. A Krude masterpiece of soft core cinema. In black and white. Thankfully black and white. I couldn't imagine seeing the sweat on the mom's tits in color and HD. Take a drink when you see sweaty tits as well.

I find most of my dvd's at Something Weird Video online. They have all the movies nobody else will stock. Except Kim's Video in NYC. Until they shut down operations. sobs.... They are doing Video on Demand downloads now as well-for the digitally addicted collector. Something Weird is the perfect place to shop at holiday time for the movie buff in your life. Get a dvd copy of Bad Girls Go To Hell by Doris Wishman for your wild hearted niece or cousin. I would,if I had a wild hearted niece or cousin.

I just had to include a porn title dvd to recommend. The name says it all. John Holmes as Dickman and Tom Byron as Throbbin. 80's porn isn't all so bad,is it?

I'm just kicking back on a rare day off with the ac cranking and the time release pain meds humming inside me. I just finished watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Johnny Depp as Hunter S Thompson. I'm putting that flick on my short list of future Blu ray purchases. Willy Wonka (without Depp) is on that list as well. I love movies. And pussy. And booze. And music. Welcome to The Krude Experience.

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