The Krude Experience - 9/12/16

MMA Sucks 

CM Punk, former pro wrestler and current MMA fighter starred in a ppv this past Saturday night for UFC. Was Krude watching? Yes. Does Krude like MMA fighting? No. But CM Punk is one hell of an entertainer. For a fleeting minute just before the Punk/Gall match for UFC,when the Living Colour tune was blaring over the PA, I thought this bout was going to turn into a normal WWE grudge pro wrestling match. Because it was entertaining at that point. Being entertaining is not what MMA is about. But when the match started,it looked like a WWE work,but with far less action.Punk missing a punch by a mile and being taken down and punched repeatedly in the head. Then Punk ultimately tapping out after a few minutes of non action. It looked like a typical squash match in WWE.

Question is: Why does MMA have so many fans at this point? It is a boring sport with no emotion behind it. It is men and women hitting each other legit until somebody can't go on. Usually after one good punch or kick. Match over. No drama. No extended action. Just that one punch or kick. For $89.99 home ppv fee. Fuck that.

That brings me to the fans of MMA that fill the local bars to watch their favorite non heroes fight for real. The average MMA fan is a wannabe tough guy who never excelled at any sport. I know a few MMA fans personally who fit that description. And from the crowd I saw for UFC at a local bar,that description still stands firm. My sister had a musician boyfriend (who never played any sport in his life) who was a huge MMA fan. And he used to goof on pro wrestling. He was also a pure candyass wimp.

Any kind of pro sport that can be handled by a sports book in Vegas can have its outcome easily manipulated. This includes MMA. The two minute bout I saw on Saturday looked a little fishy to me. Gall could've ended that bout in 10 seconds. But he did not. And it ended with Punk tapping out. The lines between a 'real' sport and a 'fake' sport are becoming increasingly invisible. Are we at the point where 'real' MMA fighting now becomes a flashy spectacle? With the focus on the match buildup,instead of the match?

Face it. MMA sucks. It's just another way for people to waste their $ with a sports related diversion. If the current MMA product was a bare knuckles,all out fight,I would welcome that. But MMA is a sanctioned $ maker for those who miss big ticket boxing. I'll stick with 'fake' wrestling shows. Much more fun to watch.

Vince > Dana

Always and forever.



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