The Krude Experience - 9/26/16

Titties and Beer 

What would life be for Krude without the very wholesome vices of excess booze and broads? Boring would be the answer. Why else would I go into work everyday with physical ailments that would keep most people home? Krude needs $. Booze and chicks cost $. Easy math.

Yet we live in a world where having two simple desires such as pussy and booze that often get vilified.Try bringing up the subject of your latest drunken fingerbang fest when you're at your parents place for dinner. You are the asshole. Meaningless sex while deep into the drink between consenting adults. Sounds like a story Krude would want to hear. You are the asshole. Easier to talk about pain and politics while eating crusty meatloaf.

Kirk Cameron. The thought of this guy makes me queasy. I happened upon a recent movie of his called Mercy Rule. Made it about 30 minutes into the film and had to turn it off. It's just a Christian propaganda flick with a former tv star playing the lead. The tv show Growing Pains from the 1980's made Kirk Cameron a star. The show itself was mediocre. Except for the constant use of the word 'Boner' to describe one of the show's characters. (Alan Thicke saying the word 'boner' > Robin Thicke singing anything). Davey and Goliath were far more entertaining with their religious messages. (talking claymation dog > anything Kirk Cameron says or does).Rant over. I digress....

If you are familiar with the name Terry Bozzio,then you understand the true nature of this blogs' title. Bozzio is a world class drummer who plays the most impressive drum kit you'll ever see.Krude just had to see him recently and his behemoth drum set.Bozzio played drums for Frank Zappa in the 70's. I am an admitted Frank Zappa fanboy. Frank has been dead since the early 90's,but his music lives on. Bozzio was also in the band Missing Persons in the 80's. His wife at the time,Dale,was the singer of MP. Check out a pic of Dale Bozzio from the 80's. Then compare it to a recent shot of Lady Gaga. Terry Bozzio and Frank Zappa used to do the song Titties and Beer together with Bozzio acting as the devil. 

Check out this video of the tune.  

Calling Dirty Tony/Nomads MC



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