Have You Wondered Lately…

Written by Nickey Dubstep

I have often sat around my house wondering “what ever am I going to do with all this darn cat fur”. It’s almost like I have a second carpet with all the excess shedded hair my cats seem to get rid of on a daily basis… Then, one day I was perusing the internet and found the answer to all the questions I had. That’s right, EVERY QUESTION EVER!

That’s right, you are seeing this correctly! The book of crafts made entirely out of cat hair, all for one easy payment of of $9.17 for paperback, but why be cheap? Shell out the extra dollar and get the hardcover so this baby can last you a few generations and the whole family can enjoy.

Never again  will you have to throw out a clogged beyond belief vacuum, because you’ll be playing finger puppets with Mr. Snuffle Bottoms fur and won’t have any need for pesky cleaning supplies.

These personal, furry critter-crafts make the absolute best stocking stuffers, so don’t leave anyone out! Pass them out to neighbors, coworkers, even strangers on the streets!!! Everyone can enjoy the wonderful gift that is the unhygienic, cast off fur of your favorite feline friend.

This weeks useless fact is:

On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.

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  1. This is gold!! Definitely going to be making furry crafts in the fur-ture. Ha!