The Krude Experience - 10/10/16

Lit To Get Straight 

With my gnarly nalga firmly planted on this interplanetary stone for the past 46 years,Krude has determined a 'not so' obvious fact about himself: I gotta be lit to get straight. My bodies' chemistry doesn't allow me to be 'normal' on any given sober day. Dump a drink or five into me and spike my blood with an opioid and you get one Krude motherfucker who speaketh the truth without prejudice. Leave me to my own natural state,and you get a very inattentive,yet sweet natured hombre with a weakness for blue eyed blonde women. Not a bad dude. Just not very inspired. And constantly bullshitting strangers (clients) into spending $100k or more on their kitchen renovation (I'm a top notch kitchen and bath designer in NYC). It's a sleazy hustle. Sober Krude likes the big commission checks. Lit Krude likes spending the $ on wine,women,whisky,and music. Mahalo.

Music. Most of the best music I have ever heard came from lit up musicians. Hendrix,Miles,Elvis,Tyla,Morrison,Ween,Beatles etc... That's a no brainer. It's when the artist becomes 'sober' that their music starts to suck. Noel Gallagher kicked blow and hasn't made a great album since. Iggy Pop's solo albums have been lackluster since he quit smack. And so on....

Free your mind and your ass will follow

That's a song title from Funkadelic. I believe that if somebodys' brain is cleared of the everyday clutter of life,then something inspired can be derived from it. Booze and chemicals are the fuel. The brain is the motor.Life is the inspiration. The soul worth bearing thereafter...

Welcome to the Krude Experience. My liver sends it's best regards.

The best is yet to come,


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