The Krude Experience - 10/24/16


I fucking hate android phones. I really fucking hate Apple and anything they conceive and promote. Fragile touchscreen cameras with calling capability doesn't make for a good phone. Having a million 'apps' readily available to appear on a tiny screen doesn't make for a good phone. I just wonder why so many people got sucked into buying phones that really aren't phones. What people are buying these days in mass quantities for their communication needs has been a glorified touchscreen digital Web browser with camera (And a sparkly case to hold it in). Try and tell a common android or Apple user that their expensive phone is a toy. I have done that and some people got genuinely offended. If somebody came up to me when I was getting out of my Corolla and laughed in my face about me driving a lame car,I wouldn't care. It's not the end of the world to drive a Toyota. Try ridiculing the average Samsung Galaxy user about the lameness of their phone. Be prepared to verbally and/or physically back up your trash talk. Peoples get reaaaally sensitive about their palm gods.

I've been using a BlackBerry phone since 2006. I've never had a problem with any of them. They are superior phones with excellent email,text features and Windows office programs. No bullshit. Plus room for 128 gig micro SD for music files. Twitter is a breeze with a real BlackBerry keyboard. I'm not a Facebook or Instagram presence. I don't watch movies or tv shows on my phone either. Just Pornhub. I recently got my hands on a android tablet for non business bullshit i.e. Internet shopping,movies,youtube, books etc.. It's a Samsung tab A,as in Android lollipop bullshit. I feel like a bitch when I use that thing.

Getting back to cellphones with cameras... My mother is a semi retired professional photographer. Her criteria for a camera phone is much more pronounced than the average individual. Back in 2009,I bought her a Sony/Ericsson camera phone (the best you could get back then). Up until Mother's Day 2016,my mother was still using that phone. It's camera was superior to anything that's currently on the market. I bought her an Iphone 6 for this recent Mother's Day. She won't take pictures with the Iphone at all. Claims it has a 'subpar sensor' and 'horrible zoom' among other things.So be it. I don't give a shit either way. All I know is that I own a quality Nikon digital camera for great photos and a BlackBerry Classic for mediocre photos.

So there is my cellphone rant. I like the fact that the $140 million man Andrew Luck,quarterback for the Colts,still uses a flip phone (with text capability). A phone is for making calls. A camera takes pictures. Putting the two together just compromises the entire experience. Krude doesn't compromise anything. Well,maybe just an anal sex request that I make to a chick that goes ignored. Life goes on....

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