The Krude Experience - 10/31/16

Chicks & Yoga Pants 4 Eva 

A topic that has been on my Krude mind for a long while is how good women look wearing yoga pants in public. Seeing that I work in Manhattan and am surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world on a daily basis helps accelerate the yoga pants wearing woman percentages. I would reckon that at least 25% of all women walking around in Manhattan at any given time are wearing yoga pants. And about 90% of them look smoking hot while doing so. Life is good. Hands off eye candy always a plus while on Big Brother's watch.

Yet,in places such as public schools and states like Montana,yoga pants are a distinct no go. 'Too sexy' and 'disruptive' are some of the excuses the yoga pants haters use to drive their point across to the masses. I can remember being in phys ed in high school and the girls would be wearing very skimpy shorts as their uniform. Then they would change into very tight fitting leggings and tease their hair like a red light whore for the benefit of the super horny males. I loved that. Still do. It wasn't disruptive. It was girls being girls. And guys loving them for it.

Of course,not all yoga pants wearers can be classified as 'hot'. I also see a lot of fashion 'dont's' with the abuse of yoga pants. Women should know their limitations and accentuate their positives to the max. Men will appreciate. Always.

I snapped the header photo for this week's blog on 3rd Ave in Manhattan. But I had to stop at just one yoga pants photo. It felt really pervy to snap the shot I took of that woman. But,it is a cool shot nonetheless. So with Krude being Krude,I perused an Internet search engine with 'celebrity chicks in yoga pants' as the search for the benefit of this blog. The Kaley Cuoco shot is my favorite. She's got a great ass for a white girl. Mahalo.

Happy Halloween Y'all! Hope your booze is chilled,candy sweet,and grabassing even sweeter. Krude loves you!

G string > Thong (with yoga pants)



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