The Krude Experience - 10/3/16

Physical Copy 

Krude is a realist. I live in the now. I use all of my senses to the fullest extent each and everyday. And leave nothing to the imagination. And my senses are being compromised more and more every year.

As a lifelong music and movie fan,I find the current trend of phasing out compact discs and dvd's by major media conglomerates quite disturbing. Digital copy is now taking over the way people watch and listen to their entertainment. Streaming music and movies is the Now. In their eyes and ears and possibly yours. Not mine. Thank you.

I guess this topic stems from a recent mp3 purchase I was going to make from 7 Digital. I was going to download the Triumph album Allied Forces and came across a strange dilemma. If I wanted a standard 320 kbps mp3 it would be $8.91. If I wanted an cd quality, 16 bit download,it would be $17.49.Or if I wanted the 24 bit HD quality download,it would be a whopping $23.49. I ended up buying a remastered cd of Allied Forces from Amazon instead for $11.99.May as well have the disc and booklet in my hands.But I wondered how good an HD song could sound,as compared to a standard mp3 or cd.And was it worth the extra $ and storage space on my micro SD card.

I have tinnitus in both my ears. The ringing in my ears has become louder over the years. (a front row ticket at a Def Leppard/Tesla show in 1987 fucked my hearing forever) . I'm not sure HD music is going to make any sonic difference to me. It just seems like the record industry is trying to make up for huge recent losses by selling expensive digital (little overhead) HD downloads. But for that HD download price,people should get a physical copy of the album artwork and lyrics (not a pdf).

I'm still buying cd's and dvd's. And I buy a few digital downloads here and there. I'm not much into the recent vinyl record resurgence-mainly cuz my vinyl collection was hijacked by my ex wife (long story). I like being able to touch and hold and sometimes smell my media purchases. That will never escape me. The only real exemption from this is porn. Digital porn access is the greatest part of owning a handheld,internet capable device. I'm still trying to obscure my copies of quality porn such as Otto and Audrey Destroy the World (one asshole at a time) and Swedish Erotica Best of Madison. Can't have mom or new girlfriends find that kind of smut laying around. Mahalo.

Always seeing,touching,tasting,smelling,and mostly hearing



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