An Apple A Day…

Written by Nickey Dubstep

~In the spirit of Halloween, all Hallows Eve, Dia De Los Muertos and whatever you may or may not celebrate~

We’ve seen them every where, growing up with that old wives tale of “an apple a day will keep the doctor away”. Although This fruit is good by itself, it also comes in the forms of juices, sauces, pies and tarts. An exoctic, deciduous tree in the rose family originating in Central Asia that has been a widely accepted snack for children and adults alike throughout the many seasons.

Except for ONE DAY……….

For years, this “healthy snack” has snuck it’s way into the depths of a tradition it does not belong in and it has gone too far. The homes that pass this wicked trick off as a treat to the expectant ghosts, goblins and ghouls ringing their doorbells should have given up on Halloween and turned their porch lights off many years before. Because, honestly, if you’re not going to spend the money on Candy…. Why spend it at all?

As an adult, I think I can speak for the children all over the world. NEVER give a child a piece of fruit when there is clearly King Size Candy Bars at the Super Market down the street from your house…

Irrelevant Fact Of The Week:


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