Malt Beverage Of The Week - Steel Reserve Spiked Limeade

It look us awhile, but we finally have another member of the Steel Reserve Alloy Series on tap as the malt beverage of the week! It was last December that we featured the Steel Reserve Spiked Punch, and now this time around we have the new kid on the block!

The Steel Reserve Alloy Series Spiked Limeade was released earlier this year as what I believe was a replacement for the Margarita flavor in their line of beverages. (I have not been able to confirm or deny this, but their website no longer lists Margarita as a flavor.) I am never going to hesitate in trying out a new flavored beverage, but when I saw this one on the shelf I have to admit that I wasn't really looking forward to it.

Like all the other members of the Steel Reserve Alloy Series, the Spiked Limeade comes in at 8% ABV and is said to have a "pulverized lime flavor with a tequila-inspired finish". After the first sip I do have to say that it goes down smooth and does not have a strong sugary taste like a Four Loko or other flavors of the Alloy Series, but i don't really tell much of a tequila-inspired flavor either. I do taste the lime, but not much else with it. It's a 211 Spiked Limeade...what would you expect?

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