The Krude Experience - 11/14/16

Bye Week Blues 

Bye week. Oakland Raiders sitting home. Krude sitting home. No nerves on edge before game time. What the fuck to do this fall weekend? Cancelled Netflix subscription(sucked). Downloaded a Jimi Hendrix biography for $1.99 (bargain). Staying off pain killers this weekend (insane). Trying for a stress free weekend (no chicks). Washing bed sheets for no good reason.

Non sequiturs a go go. Life in the crass lane. Start me up:  

Gulab Jamun:This is a traditional Indian dessert. Spongy milky balls soaked in rose scented syrup. Sounds yummy.Not.I used to use 'Gulab Jamun' as a hotel check in name (before the Patriot Act). Nobody ever questioned me.

Climax Moonshine: I've tried at least 10 legit bottles of 'shine and Tim Smith's is the best. 90 proof hooch is just right. Shots only. No rocks. No hangover. Yes.

Phil Rudd: Ex drummer from AC/DC. His solo album Head Job is a fine slab of solid rock. He sounds like Lemmy when he sings too. Perfect soundtrack for the road trip to Mom's on Thanksgiving. Or in my case,to my television-less sister's house. She is wealthy but does not possess a television set in her house.Welcome to my world.

Survivor Series: WWE's annual turkey ppv. Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg is the $ match to watch this year. Zzzzzzzzzz. Justin from has been breaking down Survivor Series all time history with astute accuracy this past week. Turkey being the operative word to describe most all time SSeries matches.

President-elect Trump: congrats to Donny T for taking the dukes from Hilly C and my choice Jilly S to win POTUS status. Give this guy a year to see if he's got the 'right stuff'. Or else....

Clove Oil: I've been using clove oil for toothaches and insect bites for years and now athletes foot. It stinks so bad but works so good. Naturally. Do bathe thoroughly before sexual relations (consensual) after using clove oil.Trust me.

Bobby Liebling: Find me a cooler looking rock star singer and I'll kiss his or her ass. His band Pentagram have been around since the Nixon era presidency. Actually,so have I.

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