The Krude Experience - 11/28/16

Shit Sells 

The title of this blog says it all:Shit Sells.Shit is all around us. Shit is Shit. By grand design. Being systematically desensitized as a society as whole to sub-mediocrity isn't a good thing. It's scary. Time for Ozium. Or a nightly sage burning ritual. Let's go:

A bunch of wealth creation storefronts have been popping up over the last few years near my house. So if you are lucky (or smart) enough to have enough $ to pay these clowns to tell you how to manage it,then why are these businesses thriving? Must be a brilliant bullshit storm brewed up when the greedhead locals walk into these places. Or just too many wealthy dumbfucks with brown noses roaming around Northern New Jersey.

Budweiser is the self proclaimed 'The King of Beers'. Tons of slick marketing and subliminal advertising ploys have given Bud their self inflicted 'King' moniker. Unfortunately,it is a rice based brew. Do you think there is any 'King' that ever existed who would want to be compared to peasant rice in any way? Think any home brewers of beer use rice in their recipe? Nope and Nope. When somebody eats a lot of shit on a daily basis, the taste of a shitty alcoholic drink will be neutral,but intoxicating. Sort of worth the $.To me,Bud is crud. Never liked their crap.

Frederick Lenz used to be better known as Zen Master Rama during his cultist heyday in the 80's and 90's as a Buddhist spiritualist. He died in 1998 by suicide leaving behind $18 million as interest rearing $. That's a lot dough for just charging fees for making speeches in front of gullible suckers.Being an afro haired, shit talking cult leader really does pay. Being an ever willing donator to a druggy looking pseudo-intellectual Buddhist plagiarist is just plain ridiculous.

Pink Floyd. Why in the world has this band sold so many units of their music? I own exactly ONE Pink Floyd album: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. That's the album that original singer/guitarist/songwriter Syd Barrett is in command of. Any Floyd album after that one is a complete and utter farce. When bassist Roger Waters took over songwriting duties after Barrett melted down after too many LSD hits,PF has been a crying ground for Waters to lament loss of his father and Barrett. All set to 'slit your wrists' kind of music.Boring,un-Rock N' Roll,self absorbed shit. Fuck Pink Floyd.  

Stranger things have happened in 2016... Shit is sticking. And people are learning to love it.

Not me.

Illuminati. No.



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