The Krude Experience - 11/7/16


Anybody else get a bit run down come the beginning of November each year? I do. Maybe because I haven't had a prolonged vacation (over 4 days straight) in nearly two years.Maybe I'm drinking too much,probably...Whatever the cause,it doesn't matter. I'm not a winter holiday lover at all. Sunday becomes my favorite day (for obvious reasons).The New Jersey weather becomes much cooler. And my peripheral sense of observation goes into hyper drive.- SeeKrude Experience yoga pants blog for recent affirmation of this. Sometimes I think the world in general is running down in a big way. Here are some recent examples:

The recent Seattle vs Arizona sunday night football overtime contest was the visual equivalent of a War and Peace reading at the local library. I nodded off twice that night and that game was still on.The NFL wonders why their tv ratings are down this year. It was after 1am for that game to end for us East Coast living fuckers. But we're still up at 6am monday morning after the game to serve th' Man (and our current and ex wives). Now that's Assdraggin'.

I've been bitching as of late on social media about Zyrtec allergy medicine withdrawal. I'd rather kick a smack or ephedrine jones than this shit. Itchy palms doesn't mean good luck or good graces. It means itchy palms. And itchy everything for weeks. Fuck Cetirizine. Never again. Another chemical checked off of my bodily ingest list.

Hit the Wild Turkey bourbon website recently for a few laffs. Matthew McConaughey is now shilling for the whisky men of WT. You will see Matty M direct and star in a short feature promoting Wild Turkey. Better than his cryptic Lincoln car commercials,if that's at all possible. WT is All American hooch. Good price. Good taste.Good buzz. Yes. 

My buddy got pinched for cannabis possession while being pulled over for a bum tail light. Arrested for having around $40 worth of smoke. Car impounded. 6 hours in the tank. $800 in fines and piss tests every month to walk from the joint. Welcome to NJ. Almost forgot,this is the same friend who a liver transplant last year. New Jersey would rather have a person suffer with prescribed chemical treaments instead of letting somebody mellow out with a few puffs of weed. Fuck Chris Christie and anybody who ever supported his wretched NJ state agenda for the past 6 years.

USA Presidential Election 2016 is happening this Tuesday. My 18 year old son is really looking forward to voting for the first time. He hates Clinton and Trump equally (like dad). Local ballot initiatives are where the true future of this country lies. I will do everything in my power on Tuesday to keep any Dumbo or Jackass out of any elected office. Remember,mixing blue with red creates purple. This country has a lot of Tinky Winky in it. Think about it.

Ass,Cash,or Grass....



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