The Krude Experience - 12/12/16

Krude X Mas List 

If Santa Claus knows if I've been sleeping. Or if I've been naughty. Then this 2016 Krude Xmas list is null and very void. Otherwise,here is a gift list that only the devil himself could fulfill. Pass the eggnog (easy on the nutmeg)....

Thermal union suit- always in red with buttoned ass flap. A Krude staple during cold weather.

Mono Beatles vinyl albums- just cuz....

An unopened vintage bottle of Ripple. Not to drink. Just for inspiration. And tribute to Fred G.Sanford. #champipple

A used Nudie suit. Size 42L. That was about Hank Williams size. No union suits allowed under Nudie suits. Obviously.

A case of Bounce mens fabric sheets. Now discontinued. I hate my clothes smelling like mountain air or like a spring rain douche.

A Charles Manson autographed poem. Direct from his prison cell to my stocking.

Isotoner gloves. Mine are worn out. So is Dan Marino.

I'm giving Santa a couple of weeks notice here. Amazon delivers on Sundays. I'll be waiting up on Christmas Eve with Tate's Choco Chip cookies and milk. Happy Holidays!!!

Righty tighty Lefty loosey



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