The Krude Experience - 12/26/16

New Years E5I50 

Another year down. 2016 was a true mind fucker of a year. Can't wait for it to end. Too many great artists passed away. The USA seems completely divided due to political allegiances. My body feels like it's in the November of its years. And I'm likely to change jobs in 2017. Yet all this won't discourage ol' Krude from making his predictions for 2017. Criswell always looking my over shoulder. Henceforth....

New age scapegoat body byproduct Dopamine will evolve into becoming a verb for people to abuse.
Looking down at cellphone while sitting at a stoplight in your car (while blocking traffic) will become a national right of way.

Absolutely ZERO rock stars will die in 2017. Yet the living,very aging rock stars will continue to charge top dollar to see them perform. And perform at about 60% of what they used to be.

Walmart will turn their star logo upside down to create a pentagram and expose themselves as the true Satanists that they are. Or rearrange their newer sun logo to create a swastika.

Anal sex between straight couples will be renamed 'Jesus' birth control' . Or the 'I really,really love you' sex act.

El Chapo will corner the luxury underground tunnel design market and sell his ideas to IKEA. Or the CIA.

Pussy grabbing will become the new red rose garden body game of 2017.

Listerine will be required by law to be the first liquid to enter everybody's mouths whenever they wake up from daily rest.

Americans will continue to largely ignore professional soccer.

ALL food in 2017 will be considered 'fast food'. Actual fast food will be renamed 'cheap toxicity '.
Dick Cheney continues to 'stay the course'.

NFL, not content to just play an odd game in London and Mexico City,decides to stage a game in Camden,New Jersey,for urban gentrification purposes. Call it the Goodell Ghetto Bowl.

MD2020 will make a triumphant return to 20 oz bottles and 20% apv.

Good riddance to 2016. Let's have some real fun in 2017. Cheers!



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