The Krude Experience - 12/5/16

Got Big Cock? 

The current state of rock music is not a pretty one. You would be hard pressed to find any band,less than a few years old, that has taken the rock world by storm. What I mean by 'rock band' is that it should contain a traditional rock lineup i.e. singer,guitarist,bassist,drummer. Certain pop stars have dominated the world as of late see Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. But when it comes to down and dirty and sweaty rock music,that style of music never seems take off in a majorly commercial way,as of late. And that's a shame. A cruel shame.

So as Krude often does with his blogs,he will exploit the 'not so obvious' but 'wholly satisfying' aspects of the human experience. And your life will become a pleasantly Kruder one - lube optional.

Enter Big Cock.

Bands that use any reference to a chicken or penis as their name is always welcome in my world. But those bands must back up their name boast with music that fits the mental image of said name. Big Cock fits that mold. Perfectly.

Big Cock is a hard rock band that has a sound that is timeless. Riffs,beat,catchy lyrics,chops,Big Cock doesn't lack for anything that truly matters in music. I discovered this band about 10 years ago due to their singer Robert Mason being involved with the band Lynch Mob. I was instantly hooked. Double entendre lyrics mixed with upfront guitar and a solid rhythm section. Played and sang with true conviction,unlike Steel Panther (a pale comparison)- which just mimics 80's rock sound and look.

Big Cock have released 3 albums to date and a best of album titled Got Big Cock? GBC is my pick for a weekly download for the casual rock fan. It takes highlights from all 3 BC albums and it's awesome tune after awesome tune. Bump and Grind,Bad Motherfucker,Dirty Girl,Breaking My Balls etc... it's all good.And sleazy.And fun. Like all the best rock always is.

I'm going to see Nashville Pussy open for Reverend Horton Heat soon. Too bad Motorhead is no more (that triple bill I saw in 2009). But Big Cock could surely step in and play with those two bands. A Reverend,some Pussy,and a Cock. Now that's Rock N' Roll. Amen.

Latex > Lambskin



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