The Krude Experience - I Pledge Allegiance

I Pledge Allegiance

I often to have to laugh at people who supply me with their or email addresses. And laugh every time I hear 'You've got mail',when one of these people receive an email. Why do I laugh? I'm not quite sure.It just sounds funny to be using an antiquated email service in 2017. Yet,I myself use a few old Hotmail email accounts,much to the amusement of a very successful fashion industry CEO client of mine. A homosexual, as well. He seemed shocked that anybody would be using anything other than a Gmail account. I was thinking of opening an aol email account just to have it aurally signal me when he was around.Just to bust his balls for a quick laff. Never tell Krude what your weaknesses are. Ha.

Loyalty is the name of the game here. Brand loyalty is the most common. People get stuck with trademarked logos in their heads-like sharp fonted barcodes. Lifer tags for the brain. Yuck.

Sports team loyalty is probably the most damaging to society. There is liking your favorite team. Then there is adhering your soul to your favorite team. It sickens me to hear people spout minute details about  their teams' QB's recent on field performance. Then hear this same person take the most shallow road when arguing any details about important current events. The same premise can be applied to people who live to watch Award Shows. You can tell me who just won the Daytime Emmy for Best Backstage Fluffer for Men in a Drama.But tell me who Janet Yellen is........

One Nation,Under God.

The Pledge of Allegiance was an every morning thing before class started when I was a kid. Showing blind allegiance (and under who's God?),was a punishable offense if it wasn't done properly by the very young kids. So we had to do it. It was ridiculous to me then to have to recite that shit. It just creeps me out now just thinking about that pseudo Socialist Christian crap the grade school curriculum of the late 1970's used to push into us.

Try substituting the Bible on a courtroom table with a copy of Dianetics. And tell the judge that you show total allegiance to L.Ron Hubbard,instead of the accepted legal system scripture. And when the court swears you in,please exclaim that Trump inspired you to do this. Now That's being American.

Squat thrusts > jumping jacks- in a perv's world



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