The Krude Experience - Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown

Summer of 1990. Krude was 19 years old. Had long hair (grew it back recently). And made it a point to see at least 2 rock shows a week in NYC. Being from northern NJ,going to NYC was a mere 20 minute drive (barring traffic). Plus,I never had to present ID to gain access to 21 and over clubs in NYC. The Limelight,CBGB,Downtown, Scrap Bar,and Alcatraz bar were my hangouts. And the Cat Club. The Cat Club was rock music by major label bands on Wednesday nights. The promoter was a guy named Tommy Gunn (not the porn star). On one particular Wednesday night during the summer of 1990,I went to the Cat Club to see a band named Pantera (yes,that Pantera).They were about to release their now classic Cowboys From Hell album. I arrived early and made my way to the front bar. Ordered my usual Rolling Rock beer and tried to look cool for all the hot chicks who used to frequent the Cat Club. From the front bar,the stage was totally visible. Plus the bar was elevated by a few feet over the stage floor. Perfect way to catch a show IMO. Halfway through my first beer,the opening band came on stage. I didn't know who they were. But right off the bat they grabbed my attention. A Black singer. A Hispanic guitarist. And a White bassist and drummer. Not your usual rock band lineup that would play the Cat Club on a Wednesday. They were all shirtless and wearing shorts and playing their hearts out to just about 50 people or so. The singer was front and center and belting out the lyrics like his life depended on it.Anthony Kiedis can only dream of having a muscular voice like this guy.The band was playing a style of music that could be described as progressive,energetic, funk rock. With chops. After two songs,I made my way down to the floor in front of the stage. The usually snobby NYC crowd was way into this unknown band,just after a couple of songs. They played about 45 minutes. I managed to catch their name: Lucy Brown. From Washington DC. WOW!!!

Gene Hawkins- Lead vocals
Luis Pereza,Jr- Electric guitar
Scott Llewellyn- Bass guitar
Chris Neuberg- Drums

Pantera came on next and played new songs (off of Cowboys From Hell). Phil Anselmo looked like Henry Rollins back in those days. They played well. But it was Lucy Brown's night. After that night,I tracked wherever Lucy Brown was playing and went. I saw them at CBGB,The Ritz,and the Limelight. About a year later in 1991,the debut album from Lucy Brown was released on Megaforce Records.  

I choose this album as a Krude Gem due to it sounding just as good today as it did back in 1991. The albums production is a bit weak (compared to their live shows),but it still rocks.Don't expect the usual gratuitous compression and excess volume in this mix. Earthy,organic street rock played raw. Yeah!

The songs are about what's going on,as opposed to singing about ones self. In 2017,the song lyrics on Lucy Brown hold more meaning than they did in 1991. This album is a rock soundtrack to your (our) lives. Let it all sink in. Move and groove to it. You're welcome.

Gene Hawkins passed away in 1994. Upon Krude listening to this album (and researching it) recently,I didn't know this fact. RIP Gene. You inspired and rocked a young Krude's world.
Here is the video Lucy Brown made for the track Colorblind. Enjoy

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