The Krude Experience - One


One. Not the lame U2 song from yesteryear. Or the crappy cologne from Calvin Klein. Not even the shit song from Metallica (Fade to Black part 3). I'm talking monopoly city here. The things that have a stranglehold on Us (The Truly Cognizant) and we have no or little choice but to give these 'things' our time and attention. ABOUT FACE! No pinkos allowed on this journey through Krudeville. FORWARD MARCH!!

Fuck Bill Gates (and his dead nemesis Jobs too). Both of these sleazy thieves have systematically taken over your life. And YOU let it happen. Give me a RIM job every time. Or something technical  assembled in Turkey. Windows 10 IS Big Brother.  Time to dig out the old Web TV unit.

I remember watching the original ESPN crew back when they started in the late 70's. I'm sure my father bought cable TV back then just for sports and scrambled R rated porn. But now,ESPDisney can suck a dick. The website blows. The broadcasts blow.The magazine blows. And Chris Berman was kicked to the curb. I'd rather watch championship snooker from international BBC1 feeds than ESPN.

Libbys Pumpkin Mix
So you thought Krude was all about smear jobs and hate with this blog. Not so. I give props when they are deserved. Libby pumpkin pie mix in a can is the ONLY pumpkin pie mix anybody should ever buy. If you need a good pie crust recipe (9" double crust),please email me at I promise to send one.

A few maverick football minded businessmen have tried to be competition to the NoFunLeague. WFL,USFL,XFL. Etc. Have all buckled under the strong arm of the NFL. The NFL is so powerful,CTE claims and white serial rapist players go ignored and/or unpunished. That is because it is the almighty $ that King Goodell prays to everyday.

One is the loneliest number. Telling somebody to 'Fuck themself' isn't such a stinging slay. Jerking off or flipping the bean keeps most people sane during dry spells in their love lives. Too much masturbation can lead to this:

Enough of my yakking. Let's Boogie!



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