The Krude Experience - 1987


Not too long ago, I wrote a Krude Experience blog about the year 1985.And what that year meant to a young,virginal Krude from a musical standpoint. This time around,Krude will fan the cobwebs of my brain to extract some memories from 30 years ago. Nancy Reagan was POTUS (Ronnie was already way deep into alzheimers). Bill Cosby had the #1 tv show. And ATM didn't mean Ass To Mouth. I guess I have a few brain cells left in my skull.

I'll just start off with a list of shows I saw in 1987:

Iron Maiden
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Faith No More
The Pretenders
The Smithereens
Alvin Lee
Johnny Winter
Hot Tuna
The Band
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Gregg Allman
Ted Nugent

Aw shit. I know there are more shows to list.Fuck it.

A few milestones in my life were met in 1987. Got my drivers license. Had my first taste of bum wine (Thunderbird). And got laid for the first time. Nothing has changed in 30 years. I'm still driving,drinking street wine,and getting pussy. Never gets old

Tasting Thunderbird wine for the first time was made possible by an old friend of mine. His family owned a business in NYC and he used to work there on weekends. He told me that every Saturday morning when he went to work,he had to clean up the storefront sidewalk after he pulled the steel gate up. And what he cleaned up the most were empty bottles of MD2020 and Thunderbird. So we just had to try these street favorites. He bought a bottle of each from a nearby bodega and brought them back home to NJ. Hence forth,my love for bum wine began. Thank you RHK. He was also the guy who recently reminded me about frozen malt liquor pops that were sold about 10 years ago.Never lose touch with old friends. They still rule.

Going to see Stevie Ray Vaughan was a yearly event from 1984-88 with me and my friends. SRV used to play shows at the Pier in NYC every summer. And he always had a great opening band as well. The Pier was a general admission outdoor venue located next to the Intrepid battleship on the West Side Highway in Manhattan. Frank Zappa released a live VHS/DVD that was filmed at the Pier. Well in 1987,all of my crew of friends had drivers licenses so it was much easier getting to shows,no matter where they were. We drove to NYC and parked on a nearby street close the Pier.This was at about 3pm in the afternoon of the SRV show. A line would form along the West Side Hwy during show days at the Pier,due to the venue being general admission. We got there early so we could get close to the stage. But by the time we got on line,there was already about 15 people on line at 3pm. Basically older hippie types who were there for Gregg Allman,the opening band. So we just hung out for 3 hours on a hot summer afternoon and chatted it up with the hippies. We drank beer out of brown bags and ate dirty water,street vendor hot dogs. When the gates were about to open for the show at 6pm,me and my friends (all athletes) got ready to sprint to the front row of seats. The doors opened. And we ran like motherfuckers to the front row. The hippies were slow and lagging behind us. When they caught up to us,they bitched that they should have the front row since they waited longer outside the venue. We told them tough shit. But we needed them to buy us beers inside the venue (ID was needed). So we ended up buying them all their drinks for free,in exchange for buying us beer. All would be good after that. Gregg Allman was cool. He had a hit single at the time called I'm No Angel. He played some Allman Brothers stuff too.He also had Dangerous Dan Toler on guitar.Good shit.Stevie Ray Vaughan was BEYOND AWESOME that night. Being less than 10 feet away from SRV was a unbelievable experience. His performance put goosebumps down my spine.He was on fire. I remember the order of songs he opened with:Scuttle Buttin',Say What!,Voodoo Chile,Look At Little Sister.Damn,I miss that guy. I saw SRV 7 times in all,and being front row in 1987 was the best of the gigs. He was and is the greatest musician I ever saw perform (and I've seen a bunch). RIP SRV.

Now to the pussy part of the blog. I scored my first piece of ass at a party my friend was having while his parents were away. It was a total booze,pot,and loud music fest. With tons of chicks and arcade games (my friend had Donkey Kong and Asteroids machines in his house). Some chick took a shine to me and we started to make out. Then I took her to my friends bedroom and scored. Just a drunken fuck between two teens. With a rubber. I went back to the party after we were done fucking and had some laughs with the boys. All good. Still having drunken fucks and then laughs with the boys. Never gets old.  

1987 was a great year for rock music. Just look it up. I bought my first cd player that year. Got my first car (1974 mustard yellow Chevy Nova). And was working as a restaurant cook,while breezing through senior year of High School. Life was good. Still is.

30 years went by in a flash. But I remember it all. Mahalo.

Time travel is real



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