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De Beers

It's that time of year again. No, not Pizza Day or Groundhog Day. We're talking Valentine's Day. Or VD, for short.

VD is a legit holiday that lets girls be girls and guys be suckers. It's a holiday steeped in clouded history due to its truly salacious nature.Case in point: Back a zillion years ago,a dude named Saint Valentine illegally married off people and was ultimately executed for this crime. And some chick who liked ol' SV asked him (prior to execution) to be 'her Valentine'. Thus begat the ritual of sending love letters on 2/14 to your lover(s). Bizarre,aint it?

But to ol' Krude,another modern 'love' ritual has got my knickers in a bunch. This would be the gifting of a diamond to a chick. Not necessarily a ring,but something small that sparkles and reeks $$$. Women these days expect nothing less than a 'rock' to place somewhere on their being and be within a strangers' eyeshot. But why a diamond? Why not a ruby? Or sapphire? Or a pledge pin? Diamonds are forever... Or so says the De Beers diamond demons from Hell. It was a slick marketing strategy towards Suffrage championing women from De Beers- the only game in town in reference to diamond production prior to year 2000. The only De Beers that mattered to me over time was Colonel De Beers,the pro wrestler. He was a racist heel,in purest pro wrestling form to garner heat. Krude loves him some wrestling heels...

Diamonds are nice. And hard. They cannot be scratched. Diamonds are easy to pawn. All these diamond points I've just made form the ultimate metaphor for the average man/woman relationship in modern times. Or a euphemism.

Happy VD to all. May the flowers you may buy or receive be fresh. And the chocolates be sweet. And the blowjobs you give or receive be more than handjobs (with benefits).




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