The Krude Experience - Genuine Excitement

Genuine Excitement

Sometimes I find it very difficult to get excited about anything these days. Too much turmoil surrounds general humanity at all times. To be able to get out of bed every morning,stand on my two feet,and still be able to fuck the bejesus out of a consenting philly,is enough to keep me being Krude until my time on earth is over. But the hot flashes of euphoria (naturally) that come and go make life worth living. Read on... I dare you.

Just being able to score Iron Maiden tickets again this year for their June NJ show made me feel 17 again,for a few fleeting minutes. Then reality sets in,and I'm back slinging hash for the man and hating it. IRON FUCKING MAIDEN. Still a powerhouse after nearly 40 years of metal. Up The Irons!

I found a new (to my area) bum wine recently. Johnny Bootlegger. It tasted like a melted strawberry jello shot from a 3 day bender frat party. Not bad. But too little an APV (12%) for Krude to give it two thumbs up. Maybe add a little vodka to it. But I don't keep vodka in the house. Next time....

I started a new job recently. Always weird being the new guy in an office. But with my flair for creativity and a solid sales technique,it'll work out just fine.Plus,the office is 10 minutes from my house. BIG plus there. Better $ too. But Krude still likes his cheap booze. Mahalo.

Once my online dating subscription runs out next week,I'm done with it for a while. It's ok for a few dates here and there,but to find the steady Lady Krude online is a longshot. Most women on dating sites are there for the ego boost and some dude's wallet. If you can get laid for under $300 spent(in general) on an online date(s),consider that a luxury. Anyway you slice it,pussy: $$$  

Super Bowl LI was a true classic. Things looked mighty bleak for the DeflateGate boys for most of the event. But Tom (HGH) Brady brought the team back in convincing fashion. Best SB win by Patriots ever. Super exciting finish. Lady Gaga at halftime was great too. Krude was in AC for the event. Being in a gambling environment during a Big Game is the only way to do it. Professional sports,as we know it,wouldn't exist if not for gambling. I would like to thank my father for taking me to his restaurants' cocktail bar (bookie central) in January 1977 to watch the Oakland Raiders beat the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI. I was a 6 year old KISS fan that day. After that day,I am a lifelong Raiders and KISS fan. Thanks dad. Now fuck yourself eternally.

I was playing craps at Ballys casino in AC after the Super Bowl. Some lady at the craps table asked me if I was Rick Springfield. Only if she was fuckable. She wasn't. I lost $400. Those two words: Rick Springfield, will be forever banished from being spoken during my gambling sprees. Double mahalo.

Another day, another lay

Keep On Truckin'



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