Chris Redar's Crazy Brewski Review

Last week, I delved into the third circle of hell with Fuggin' Awesome, a high-gravity 'lager' from Rinkuskiai Brewing, which I believe is Lithuanian for 'terrible mistake'. At a liver-curdling 16% ABV, Fuggin' Awesome proved to be much less than its name implied, unless 'awesome' is the Lithuanian word for 'horrid'.

As such, I decided to step it down just a notch to the 15% ABV Crazy Brewski from Rinkuskiai Brewing. Would it prove to be as repulsive as its big sister? 

The criteria remains the same in the interest of fairness-- pour, nose, mouthfeel, taste, finish, and delusions of grandeur.

Pour: surprisingly fizzy. I can't help but wonder if this was a much more recent edition of Bad Brewski than its juice-thin older cousin. A decent head and not revolting light amber color had my hopes much higher than they should have been.

Nose: scentless. This should have been impossible at 15%. No fruit, no hop, no malt, not a goshdamn THING. What could this concoction be hiding? There was only one way to find out.

Also, I realize I'm flip-flopping two categories here. Sue me.

Taste: Rusty peaches. WOW, this is somehow WORSE than Fuggin' Awesome, and that is a feat of Herculaean proportion. This is a thin, stringy, nearly undrinkable mess. Make note of the word 'nearly', because...

Mouthfeel: ...somehow this slowly numbed my tongue to its combination of rotted citrus and the licking the side of a barn. Is the adjunct cocaine? Because that would make an insane amount of sense, given this brewery's history of being awful (that 'history' being one other beer, but yknow-- judgment n'at).

Finish: I did.

Delusions of Grandeur: By the time I was finished with this, I had decided that I was going to ride my bike 100 miles a day this summer and figure out this whole AIDS crisis thing in the third world. The potency here may have some serious repercussions in the way of me defeating villainy and disease across the globe, so look out, Earth-- I'm now planning on drinking my way to world peace!

Chris Redar
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