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Grog Time

Old habits never die. Unless THE MAN wants them too. Permanently.

Drinking on the job, at one time in American history, was an accepted practice. Krude himself has written a few blogs about this topic. After watching a great PBS series about Prohibition, Krude just had to write another blog about unfair, unwritten labor laws. And about Grog Time. It's my sworn duty.

I manage construction crews as well as sell the projects to the clients. Between everybody involved,booze is the main buzz love. A few pot smokers. A few coke heads. But the hooch reigns supreme in my field of work. Grog Time was an actual time during a work day in which all the workers at a particular job would stop and have a glass of rum based Grog. Twice a day actually. Sounds good to me.

Back then,a few worrisome,troubled wives of the hard drinking men thought it was a sin to drink alcohol and would protest in front of taverns.Thus began the roots of alcohol prohibition, and all its far reaching tentacles of misinformation. Fuck censorship in all its ugly forms.

Grog time at work sounds better than a siesta. Though booze tinged siestas are/were a common practice. As Ray Davies once wrote : Where Have All The Good Times Gone? I drink on the job all the time and it doesn't affect my performance. It makes a stressful day feel less stressful. No big deal.

 A new grog recipe is needed. If there was ever going to be a worthy 'reality' TV show,it should be about people trying to create a New Grog. FDR was about a New Deal for the masses. Kapn Krude speaks of a New Grog. A couple of alcoholic drinks a day doesn't harm anybody. Not having any intoxicating elixirs does cause problems. Don't believe the hype.

Huey Lewis had the right idea with his tune I Want A New Drug from the 1980's. The world in 2017 is too fucked up a place to see without rose tinted glasses. Where is the New Grog? WE need it.

Scratchin' and survivin'
Hangin' in and jivin'



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