The Krude Experience - March Madness

March Madness

I really don't give a flying shit about college basketball. Possibly the most 'fixed' legit sport on the planet (save for jai alai). All the bracket bullshit and major commercial exposure makes Krude hate it more. The coaches of college basketball teams are usually the most entertaining thing about March Madness. These millionaire (white) coaches of teenage prodigies (black) can hardly conceal their own obvious racism. It's just a win,win,win at any cost mentality that drives these coaches. And the fix is in. So grab a Lite beer,order some Dominos,and enjoy the March hardwood ride. Fuck that. I'm listening to the new Obituary album and eating Pizza Town USA (Elmwood Pk,NJ) slices instead.  And filling in the booze bracket. That's more fun.


I was 7 years old when Elvis Presley died.

I was less than 2 months old when Jimi Hendrix died.

Not exactly the ages of thorough social or spiritual cognizance.

Being 46 years old and hearing of Chuck Berry passing away at the age of 90 has me frozen with grief. Rightfully so.

There would no Krude or Krude Experience today without me hearing the tune No Particular Place To Go at a young age. The lyrics to that Chuck Berry gem are Krude way,way before I was ever put on this earth.  Perfect rock n' roll. Perfect street poetry. Perfect attitude.

Every guitar player from Jimi Hendrix to Ted Nugent to Edward Van Halen to Angus Young and so on... has copped riff after riff from Chuck Berry. Just listen.

The death of Chuck Berry is the most crushing of all the recent rock artist death as of late. Little Richard,Jerry Lee Lewis,and Wanda Jackson are still with us. Make sure to show the proper respect to these rock n' roll originals. And enjoy their timeless music.

End edit

March Madness isn't really madness. It is corporate sponsored entertainment just like any tv talent show or Honey Boo Boo Mountain Dew swilling 'reality' show. The reality of college basketball and those with pro 'Hoop Dreams' is that March Madness is their only shot in life at having worldwide exposure. Only a few dozen college basketball players a year ever make it to the Show. Or a few more jump the pond and play in Europe or China. I think the average person playing a $1,000,000 scratch off lottery game has a better shot of becoming a millionaire than a blue chip b-ball star. That's harsh reality. That's truth.

March is my least favorite month of the year. Always has been. Unless WrestleMania is held in March. Not this year. Bring on Spring and Summer. Bum Wine best served very cold. Ha.

Still trying to get her belt loose...



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