The Krude Experience - Walking Wounded

Walking Wounded

Time for me to vent this week here at the Krude Experience. I have been fighting all sorts of physical ailments for many a year. And by 'fighting',I mean combating pain with a legal combo of booze,pills and more booze. That's the price I pay for not sitting on my ass and watching the world go by. I've always gone out to 'do it'. Whatever 'it' was. Now I'm perpetually sore. Que Sera Sera.

From the Krude memory archives:

I played organized baseball during the spring/summer months of my life from the ages of 6-17. When I was 15, I injured the middle finger of my right hand (throwing hand) trying to field a tailing hot line drive while playing first base. The ball short hopped in front of me,hit a small stone,and didn't bounce in its normal direction. I went down to one knee to field it with 2 hands. The tricky hop made the ball flatten and buzz under my mitt,where my right hand was. The ball essentially ripped the nail off of my right middle finger. But I still kept the ball in front of me and made the play at first base. Then I saw the blood on my uniform. Then I saw what was left of my middle finger nail. Then I got woozy. Tons of blood was pouring out. Nasty shit. I only missed one other game after this injury. But my days of being pitcher and shortstop were over.My finger still looks fucked up after all these years.Only if somebody notices my finger,will I ever talk about it.  Life goes on...

I don't remember a day when I didn't wake up and feel some part of my body aching. I try to stay in good shape and mostly watch what I eat. When I see people my age who have just let them self go and have packed on pounds,it makes me mad. Why live a sub mediocre lifestyle? Life is short. Get the most out of it. Regardless of shortcomings. I've never given up. Fucked up spine. Fucked up feet. Arthritic joints.Doesn't matter. Krude is about moving forward. I'm not into making excuses and giving up. I continue to 'do it'. Just now it takes more medicine and self dedication to get 'it' done.

When you live a lifestyle that is essentially a daily 3rd and long, the payoff of completing a successful day is even sweeter. Putting pain,fatigue,and stress behind you when you need to succeed is the foundation in which the United States of America was founded. The celebrations after the victories are equally important. Having a drink or two after a long day of work is very necessary. Or smoking a joint to take the edge off. Whatever it takes,do yourself the favor. You've earned it.  

Enough of my self absorbed venting. Here's a cool video: The Cramps.

Stay Sick


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