The Krude Experience - Back In The Saddle

Back In The Saddle

Aerosmith is a cool rock band. A few pop tinged ballad hit singles and their name often goes to shit. But they have been playing music together as long as I've been alive. That's impressive.
The title of this blog is the title of my favorite Aerosmith song.

I'm Back in the Saddle again.

Lose a chick. Gain a better one. That's the name of the game. And a girl who likes the hooch. Not Thunderbird (like the readers of this website admire). But Skyy vodka. And Stella Artois beer.


It's been a while since Krude has had a meaningful conversation with a fuckable female. And I mean that in the purest,most wholesome mating way. We are sexual beings. And those who accept that get the nod in the Krude book of theology.

A bunch of quasi, non serious (but seriously fun) flings were my norm for the last 13 months. And it was cool. But with Krude being mostly a wordy n' nerdy type of conversationalist,finding a chick who can keep up with my quick wit and worldly candor has been a challenge.

It's Not Love

That's the title of my favorite Dokken song. But for Krude to throw around the L word,I really have to mean it. I don't fool chicks with claiming 'undying love' every time I get laid. Pussy is great. But spiritual connections are better.

Aw fuck. I'm back in AC. Had to cancel a weekend here a few weeks back due a sore paw. Just had to get my hands on more Wild Irish Rose Wild Fruit with Ginseng. After tasting this bum wine for the first time in the presence of Bum Wine Bob,we both agree it a worthy street hooch. But of course,the chick that is with me today is laughing at my choice (and location) of booze purchase. Broads will be broads... As long as the pussy is pink.

The AC hotel room box score:

1 bottle Bookers Bourbon
1 Black Box Chardonnay box wine
1 portable bladder of flavored vodka
1 box strawberry Pop Tarts (no frosting)
Wet Light lube
Smiles all around...

Life is good
Better with a better half


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