The Krude Experience - God's Balls

God's Balls

Krude floating the big 'G' word around? Yes. But not in the Mike Pence approved way. This is the Krude Experience. Only the 'G' word could be followed by 'balls'. And I thank the great Seattle band Tad for naming their punishing debut album God's Balls. And I thank myself for getting reacquainted with the awesomeness of this Grunge rock classic.

Fuck Nirvana
Fuck Pearl Jam
Fuck Alice In Chains
Worship Tad

Yes. Worship Tad. Not just the singer himself Tad Doyle. But the band along with Soundgarden (before they jumped the shark) for spearheading the Seattle grunge rock scene of the late 1980's.
Tad doesn't now and never did get any real recognition from the masses of rock fans. And that's a fucking travesty. Tad played a ballsy mix of Sabbathy riffs with driving beats and Tad Doyle's end of world vocals. This was Grunge. Tad rocked. Krude first heard most the Seattle wave of rock music in early 1989. It was a refreshing organic,garage born sound that was everything the late 80's wasn't. It was real people playing real instruments and playing a style of music that they were passionate about. Without compromising. Then the 'suits' of the music world realized that there could be big $ made with bringing a 'grunge lite' to the masses. And that was that.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Smells like shit to me

I remember having really long hair in 1991. Then when everybody started to wear flannel shirts and ratty shorts,I decided to cut my hair (Elvis style). I wanted nothing to do with the 'grunge lite' movement that was taking over the music world. I tried to look as snappy as I could. Still got laid by hottie rock chicks with my short hair. So,nothing really changed. Except the music I cranked in my car.

The Cramps
The Heartbreakers
Reverend Horton Heat
The Almighty

 Were prime examples of what I really enjoyed listening to when names like Cobain,Staley,Vedder were all over the mass public media outlets. Fuck those guys. Really. They suck.
So when I downloaded God's Balls recently I just had to spread the word. Tad was cool. Just not easily digestible. Neither is a Rutts Hut hot dog here in NJ. But good is good. Never forget it.

Thunderbird is holy water for the damned

Serve cold


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