The Krude Experience - Rising Costs

Rising Costs

It always seems as though anything Krude really likes or uses on a regular basis eventually gets compromised in a huge way.Whether it's a product that goes discontinued or a price jump that is unwarranted,I am aware of it immediately. And a recently proposed price jump of my favorite bourbon got 'ol Krude's panties in a bunch.  

A gallon of milk in my neighborhood sells for $3.29/gallon. Regular unleaded gas sells for $2.24/gallon-full serve (NJ law). Very reasonable costs. No issues.

Bookers Bourbon costs $50/bottle here in Lodi,NJ. It costs around $75 in Manhattan. But a little birdy (Internet sources) tells Krude of an impending price increase to Bookers Bourbon. For a 2017 batch of Bookers,the price will double to over $100 (or more) a bottle. A shocking jump in price. I understand that Bookers is a single barrel bourbon of high proof.But with the Jim Beam people (Bookers makers) doubling the price without warning,it is soul crushing to the average Joe's of the world. Krude sad.

Lucky me that a new liquor store opened in my home town and stocked a few 2016 bottles of Bookers. I grabbed 2 bottles at $60 each (no complaints) and partied in AC with one. The other bottle is sitting in a neutral site- my new broads house. She would never drink it in a million years. I wouldn't want her to. Bookers is for the boys. Amen.

So Krude is thinking: What's next? Will it be my fancy body wash that smells like vintage 1970's Hai Karate cologne? Or will it be the cheesesticks I recently tried and am addicted to now? Who knows? Who cares? I do. That's who.

So,if your favorite booze or whatever takes an upwards climb in price or becomes extinct,you have Krude's sympathy. $ is tight everywhere. But the same can't be said for pussy....

Beer,wine,or sangria-Beefsteak Charlie had it right



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