The Krude Experience - Drinking Cisco Before a Date (and chasing it with Wild I Ginseng)

Drinking Cisco Before a Date (and chasing it with Wild I Ginseng)

Working on a Saturday sucks. But in Krude's line of work,it is necessary. I am left alone in a huge showroom with 8 hours of very little to do. So with Krude being Krude,I have worked in some drinking on the job to help with the doldrums of slinging hash on a nice weekend day. And with a dinner date set up with my current large chested,sweet assed chick for this evening,I'm choosing to start the night with chilled Strawberry Cisco. The Cisco is currently chilling in the office fridge. My pain pills don't need a temperature. Just space between doses. 5pm looks like the time for liftoff.

The Wild Irish Rose Wild Fruit with Ginseng is the chaser for tonight's festivities. But the issue is that I've never mixed Cisco with Wild I ever in the same night. The ginseng in this Wild I will keep me awake all night-that is a given. This is now going to be low rent scientific research into the effects of multiple bum wine ingestation (mixed with a few painkillers). Krude has you covered. And Krude probably hungover tomorrow pretty bad.

Cracked open the Cisco at 5:15 pm,45 minutes before closing the store. Poured into a cup in case somebody walks in. Cisco hits the spot. Bottom shelf,yes. Mega buzz worthy,yes. Gonna have a good night. Chick with legendary tits gonna get a solid workout this evening.

Krude drinking on the job tip: spray Ozium around area where you are drinking on the job. Kills smell of booze quick.

Polished off the Cisco. Drove to skirts place. Then went to dinner at a dive bar. Dive bar had High West whiskey. Took mine on the rocks. Ate a Po Boy sandwich. Talked some shit with chick. Made it back to her place in one piece.

Time for Wild I ginseng. Lord help me now.

Capping a drunken evening with Wild I ginseng is a high risk,high reward gamble. Mixed in with vigorous sex.I'm drunk,wired,and good to pop twice.  Not recommended for lesser souls with weak knees. Cisco + Wild I on same night : Krude approved.

Lord help me now...

Kinda hungover. But feeling good enough for morning and pre dinner fucking. Krude with another 5 star weekend. Plus,the broad kinda liked the Wild I. I caught her taking a sip of my bottle when I was coming back from the shitter. My kinda chick. Or maybe just a hardcore alky with a solid package. Either way,she is Krude approved. Mahalo.

Lube optional


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