The Krude Experience - The Golden Scarab

The Golden Scarab

Sometimes,all it takes for 'ol Krude to buck up and smile a bit is to pull out an old cd and let it rip. Between various physical ailments and work related stress,the need to cheerfully grimace is a daily requisite. So when I dug deep into the Krude archives (piles of cds),I found an old friend: The Golden Scarab. By Ray Manzarek.

If you recognize the name of this musician,Krude respects you. If you're already familiar with the album,Krude bows towards you. Ray Manzarek was the bespectacled keyboard player from the American rock band The Doors. His album The Golden Scarab was recorded a few years after Doors singer Jim Morrison passed away. The album was largely ignored for most of its first 14 years of existence. Then in 1989,a book called Wonderland Avenue by Danny Sugerman came out. Wonderland Avenue was about Sugerman growing up while hanging out with Morrison and the Doors. Eventually,Sugerman became Manzarek's manager. And during Sugerman's stint as manager,Manzarek released The Golden Scarab in 1974.

Kinda weird that an eclectic album by a late,great musician such as Ray Manzarek would tickle my fancy again in 2017. But with most music being created these days so cut and pasted and autotuned and protooled,I'm just not into most modern music. But an album recorded in 1974 has a certain warmth and genuine talent within it. Prove me wrong.

...In the beginning,it was the rhythm I had forgotten and was waiting for the word...

The album starts with Manzarek speaking those words. And then procedes to tell the story of a small ball of holy shit: The Golden Scarab. It's Egyptian folklore done rock style by an ex hippie millionaire piano player that was truly the creative force behind the Doors. This album sounds like the logical step after the last Doors album with Morrison- L.A. Woman. With Manzarek singing. Jim Morrison would be want to be on this album. And probably Nik Turner (points for knowing this reference). Awesome album. Roger Waters can suck a dick.

I can see why The Golden Scarab didn't sell well at the time of its release in 1974. The Floyds and Zeppelins of the world were the dominate force on radio and on the concert trail. People were heavily into that normal classic rock shit i.e. The Eagles,Boston,Steve Miller etc.. Alternative music was a few years away from being officially recognized. The 1970's were a fucked up time. I remember vividly. Just ask :)

For my money,I'll take honest creativity over any radio friendly unit shifting product any day of the week. Finding artists with pure integrity gets tougher and tougher everyday. Krude champions creativity.  

Buddha's eating ice cream and so is Lao Tzu
Freud and Jung now holding hands and saying i'm with you

Thank you Ray.


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