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Legal Speed

After the W Bush Administration of recent years outlawed ephedrine in over the counter diet pills (and trucker's speed),the race to make the speediest legal energy drink has been on. With the huge cola companies challenging the new upstart energy drink companies,we the consumers are the nervously twitching benefactors. Krude likes him some artificial energy. When it comes in form of a tasty potable elixir,Krude be happy. And very alert. 

I recently bought two energy drinks at a 711 that were kinda new to the energy drink world. Rockstar Boom Energy whipped strawberry and Mutant Super Soda. I wanted to try both on separate days to see which drink would wake my sleepy Rx filled ass up more. And taste great as well. The Rockstar whipped strawberry won hands down. Tastes great and has plenty of caffeine. The Mutant tasted like slightly more carbonated Mountain Dew,but didn't have the kick that Rockstar had. Not bad,but not a go to energy buzz on the fly.

Stacker energy shots are a great dollar store find. $1 for a decent tasting quick buzz. Much better than 5 Hour Energy shots. Those taste like shit. And cost $3 on average. I also find Energy Tabs at the dollar store. I've written about these before. And Krude feels strongly about their potency. Good stuff. 21 tabs for a buck.

I'll never truly understand why Red Bull is so popular. Every variety I have tried tasted awful and didn't move me much. I always see Red Bull at bars as well. Red Bull is NOT Krude approved. Fuck that swill. Though their soccer arena looks like a funky Ed Wood-esque flying saucer in the middle of the Ghettolands of Newark,NJ.

Some kid died the other day by 'overdose of caffeine'. Sad news. But I'm sure there was more to that story. Caffeine is a great stimulant. But not for minors who aren't fully formed adults yet.

Drugs are drugs. Booze is booze. A buzz is a buzz. Everybody wants to feel better.Life as we know it....

With so many energy drinks to choose from these days,which one is for you? I usually choose a sugar free drink. The excess sugar in most energy drinks is what causes the most bodily harm. So many people I know won't even go near any kind of energy drink. But will easily order a 20oz coffee every morning. And Krude won't go anywhere near coffee. So touche'. I'm a green tea maven. Sounds sissy. But green tea beats down my bodily toxicity levels. So let the Cisco flow free!

Ready to go!



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